Welcome to the New Imperfect Blog!

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Hello my fellow eaters and readers,

Welcome to the new and improved Imperfect blog!


Who’s the fella running the blog?

My name is Evan, and I’m on the Outreach team at Imperfect, which means that I’m just dying to spread the word about the impact you can have on your world and your wallet by eating ugly produce.


What do I do at Imperfect?

I run events, build community partnerships, give tours of our warehouse, present on panels and in classrooms, and interview for podcasts, radio, and TV — and you may have even seen me on the street here and there handing out fruit samples! (That’s easily the best part of the job.)


So what’s this blog all about?

Community engagement and education is an integral part of our mission. We are food-system disruptors, transforming deeply entrenched perceptions of food and shaking up traditional food distribution channels to make space for a new cultural habit to emerge. We have made great headway this past year in nourishing a collective consciousness of the role and impact of ugly produce as well as food waste generally, eagerly spreading our message across the airwaves. But, with finite airtime, the stories we can tell are inherently limited.

Here, we hope to dive deeper into the stories and information we know are of great intrigue to our community:

  • Who are the people behind the scenes at Imperfect making the magic happen?
  • Who are our farmers/suppliers and what is life like for them?
  • Why is our produce considered “ugly” when it looks so beautiful?
  • What do our operations look like?
  • What’s a simple, tasty way to cook some of our more uncommon items?
  • How is the Imperfect community utilizing our produce in creative ways?
  • What other innovative initiatives exist to combat food waste?
  • What other significant issues exist within the food system?
  • What’s our impact as eaters, generally? Specifically regarding food waste?

I will be posting weekly on these topics and more! Be sure to check the blog now and then, and keep an eye out for blog highlights in the weekly newsletter.

Expect more to chew on soon.


Love and produce,


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