Happy Birthday Imperfect! — A Letter From Co-founder and CEO Ben Simon

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Dear Imperfect Family,

Today is an exciting day — today, Imperfect turns 1! 

Last summer, my co-founders and I were putting together the pieces for our first delivery. We were racing around town getting licenses for our warehouse, setting up grower relationships, and designing our logo. 

I remember nervously hoping there would be an audience for this concept — that there would be enough people willing to overlook a few skin-deep cosmetic challenges in the name of celebrating and enjoying good food. 

Ron, Ben, and I personally packed and delivered our first boxes on August 8, 2015 to 150 customers. We have steadily grown since then, mainly through you all telling your friends how much you love us. One year later, the Imperfect Family is now a small food-waste fighting army of 7,500! Looking back on our nervous anticipation, I think it’s safe to say you more than answered our call. We’re infinitely grateful for you. You have deepened our faith in the power of good people coming together to build a more just and sustainable world. 

Thank you for being part of this. Together, in our first year we:

  1. Recovered 700,000 pounds of rejected produce
  2. Donated over 57,000 pounds of produce
  3. Provided extra income to 50 different California farmers in exchange for their ugly produce
  4. Saved customers a collective $400,000 on produce costs
  5. Got our produce onto the cover of National Geographic
  6. Discovered that we really like googly eyes on produce

There is still much work to do to close the loop on ugly produce. But today we’re taking a break from work to celebrate. And we would love for you to join us. Come by our warehouse in Emeryville between 5 and 8pm tonight for some delicious food and drink. Here is the Facebook event with details. 

Can’t make it but want to spread the love? Share the image below on social media and tag us! @imperfectproduce on Instagram and Facebook and @imperfectfruit on Twitter. #ImWithImperfect!

Love and Produce,

Ben Simon
Co-founder and CEO, Imperfect

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  • Amina Vejzovic
    January 6, 2017 at 10:40 pm

    We need you in Arizona!!!


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