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Let’s Squash Food Waste! The Story of Ugly Squash

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It’s fall, which means when you go to the store to buy a squash you have more choices than ever before: butternut, acorn, delicata, spaghetti, kabocha, and more! We want to take a minute to flip the script and talk about the choices that an ugly squash has in 2018.

Imagine that you are part of this mountain of squashes sitting on the edge of a farm. The harvest has happened and you did not make the cut this time because of how you look. What’s next? If you are a butternut squash, you may get sold to a processor and turned into packaged soup. Congratulations! You are bound for glory in the hallowed aisles of the grocery store. If you are any other type of squash, you will not be so lucky. With no one interested in buying you, the farmer’s options are to till you under the field, put you in a landfill, or send you to a feedlot and be fed to pigs. No matter what’s next, the farmer has to write you off as a loss.

It’s outrageous! We know. It took several months and dozens of gallons of water to bring you into the world and those resources are about to go to waste.

Here comes the good news. We heard about your situation and we’re here to help! This fall, Imperfect is sourcing tens of thousands of pounds of wonky-looking squash from all over the country and working hard to help it land at your doorsteps just in time for a holiday feast!

At Imperfect, we believe that squashes, like people, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and there is no need to waste potential because something doesn’t fit into a narrow definition of beauty. We also understand that growing food takes a lot of time and resources and we owe it to the environment and our farmers to make that investment go as far as possible. We hope that you will join us and rediscover the beauty of ugly squash this fall.

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