Imperfect’s Holiday Gift Guide!

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At Imperfect we’re all about reducing waste and stress around food. We know that holiday shopping can be full of both, so we hope our holiday gift guide can help simplify things so you can spend less time worrying about what to buy and more time savoring good food and good company! Below are our recommendations of what to give this holiday season…

For the avid cook: A Raw Spice Bar subscription is a great gift for a cook looking to work with the best flavors from all over the world. They deliver fresh whole spices as well as pre-ground blends right to your door, making bold and adventurous cooking easy and affordable.

For the environmentalist: Food production is a big cycle and there are opportunities to reduce waste at every step! Reusable cotton produce bags are a simple way to avoid wasting plastic bags from the grocery store so your shopping can be as low waste as your Imperfect delivery. They are also a handy item to bring to the farmers market and make storing your produce easy as well.

For the lover of the outdoors: We have a lot of respect and admiration for Patagonia, who has blazed a trail of environmentally responsible clothing production for several decades now. They continue to break new ground in sustainability and now sell warm and stylish jackets made from 100% recycled wool, polyester, and down.

For those that want their gift to give back: Bombas socks will warm your feet and your heart! For every pair of socks purchased, the folks at Bombas donate a pair to a homeless shelter, over 1 million so far! We love businesses with generosity built into their DNA and Bombas is one of our favorites. The fact that the socks are seriously warm and comfortable certainly doesn’t hurt either.

For the food nerd: For proud foodies looking to show off their favorite hobby, we love the gear that Pop Chart Lab makes. They make stylish and informative glassware, stationery, and posters that tell you all there is to know about everything from Harry Potter to coffee. We love their fruit and vegetable posters, which would be great additions to the wall of any food nerd in your life.

For the book lover: In this day and age there are too many amazing cookbooks to mention in one list but our top three right now are the Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook for its practicality, Ratio for empowering us all to move past recipes, and Plenty for its vibrant and exciting approach to cooking with vegetables.

Happy shopping and cooking this holiday season!

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