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5 Vegetables, 5 Stories, 5 Ways You Helped Prevent Waste!

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Delivery day can feel pretty miraculous, waking up to find a big box of fresh produce at your door. Yet, before the magical moment when they all converged in your box, each item of produce had a unique and colorful backstory. This week we want to tell the stories of five different vegetables and illustrate you help disrupt the cycle of waste by getting an Imperfect box.

  1. Romanesco: Faced with a fierce rainstorm on the horizon, our romanesco farmers had to pick their crop early this year which means that the heads are smaller than stores would buy. We think that this “adolescent” romanesco is  still gorgeous and delicious and we know that you will agree!
  2. Flowering Broccoli: Broccoli is big business in Salinas California, but wholesalers are very strict about what they will buy. So when one of our organic growers found that their baby broccoli had started flowering they were devastated, worried that thousands of pounds would go to waste. Thankfully because of our relationship with the grower, this broccoli found a home in kitchens all over the Bay Area.
  3. Purple Top Turnips: Even though the crops need the water, the wet weather has made farming in California much more difficult. For Coke Farms in San Juan Bautista, the stormy skies and muddy soil kept them out of their fields for a few days too long and by the time they could harvest the rain had made their turnips enormous. They didn’t have enough to sell to a processor, and they knew that no store would want turnips that weighed over a pound. They seemed to be caught between a rock and a hard place, but one phone call later, their jumbo turnips were bound for your box.
  4. Onions: How can onions be ugly? We know. It’s ridiculous. Our onions came to us from a Nevada grower and are guilty of the crimes of being small and occasionally having loose skins. While none of these factors matter to a home cook, these “2nd string” onions still got separated from the supermarket onions in the packing shed, bound to be sold to large food service outlets for much less money until we came along and proposed another solution. We’re proud to pay the growers a fair price for these unconventional onions and expose consumers to perfectly good onions that they might never see otherwise.
  5. Asparagus Tips:  Like broccoli, asparagus is a vegetable full of potential that is eager to blossom into a flower. Right before it flowers, the tip of the asparagus stalk begins to separate out.  Stores find this slight separation unacceptable so we happily bought all of the tips that they wouldn’t take right from the farm. Unless you are an asparagus expert you won’t notice the difference in appearance, but you will definitely notice the difference in price and appreciate the tender, delicate flavor!

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