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Brand Buddies! Our favorite kindred spirits doing great things in the world!

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When you start digging into the issue of waste, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the enormity and complexity of the problem. Thankfully, there are so many passionate folks out there working for change, addressing waste of every shape and size, and turning a problem into an elegant and inspiring solution. We want to let you know about five of our favorite companies and organizations doing meaningful work to make the world a happier, healthier, and less wasteful place. (Drumroll please!)

  1. Olio– Food waste happens at home as well as at the farm and that’s where Olio comes in, stopping waste at the source like a guardian angel of sustainability. Whether you’ve got a few extra tomatoes or sheet trays full of lasagna, Olio can help. Olio is a game-changing food waste app that connects people looking for food with those with extra. Their simple premise is wonderfully executed and the best part is how it encourages people to meet their neighbors. Olio helps foster community around the common goal of wasting less food and enjoying it with other people instead!
  2. Scoop- Scoop takes the same innovative, community based approach to reducing waste that Olio uses and applies it to another central part of the day: your commute! Their mission is to make getting to and from work more efficient, sustainable, and fun. They make setting up a carpool to and from your job truly seamless, and in the process are taking tons of single occupancy vehicles off of the road. They get top marks in our book for making the sustainable synonymous with the convenient, showing the world that reducing pollution and ride-sharing can be one in the same!
  3. Wholesome Wave– Health is wealth, and diet is at the center of it all. Wholesome Wave is doing great work to help make healthy fruits and vegetables accessible for everyone, regardless of their income level. They do this by incentivizing healthy purchases, providing credits that effectively double the value of food stamps when spent on fresh fruits and veggies. They also work directly with doctors to literally enable them to prescribe produce as a prescription for health issues. We find their mission and determination so inspiring, and are thrilled to see them championing the cause of food accessibility.
  4. Gotham Greens– To feed more people we need to do more than just waste less, we also need to re-think how and where we can grow our food. Gotham Greens grows healthy, delicious, and sustainable lettuces in cutting edge urban greenhouses in New York City and Chicago. They are setting a wonderful example of how urban agriculture can and should function and are helping so many people eat better in the process.
  5. Pulp Pantry– Juicing is so hot right now! Agreed, but have you ever wondered what happens to the rest of the fruits and vegetables after they’ve given up all of their juice? Oftentimes the answer is sadly that they create waste. Pulp pantry is turning this potential waste product into the main ingredient in a line of healthy and delicious granolas, crispy snacks, and baking mixes. We love seeing companies based around disrupting waste in a topical industry, and Pulp Pantry as blazing a trail of closing the loop on the waste involved in the juice world.

We hope that you found this list informative and useful. The more ways we learn to fight and prevent waste, the more empowered we all are! If you have any other companies that you admire for how they prevent waste please let us know by leaving a comment or sending us a message. Thanks for helping us fight waste, friends!

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