What Our Moms Taught Us About Food

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In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked our employees and our customers to share some lessons about food and cooking that they learned from their mothers. The responses were moving and inspiring!  Here are some of our favorites:

“My mommy taught me not only how to cook, but how important cooking is, a lesson I hope to pass on to my amazing daughter.”
– Erin, Imperfect customer

“My mom taught me that to make salsa extra delicious, you should roast the ingredients before combining them. That way you get a delicious sweet and smoky flavor!”
-Maribel, Customer Care at Imperfect

“My mother always taught me that food should be filled with love. Every time she would make a batch of lasagna she would make almost everything from scratch because that’s when you put the love in.” 
-Kirk, Imperfect customer

“My mom showed me that food is bigger than just something to eat quickly, it’s a beautiful experience to share and savor with friends and family. Presentation matters!”
– Anneliese, Brand Manager at Imperfect

“The biggest thing I learned from my mom is a love for seeing your food the whole way from seedling or seed or perennial root to table. We gardened together, snapped green beans together, pressure canned or froze everything we didn’t eat. So many hours of labor, but so worth it. I can still pressure-can almost anything with mom’s epic canning books and one arm tied behind my back. We were never allowed to waste any food because of size, or shape, or bugs. You just cut around it and moved on.”
– Deidre, Imperfect customer

“My grandma taught me that if you over-salt your soup, just throw a potato in it! It’ll absorb the excess sodium.” 
-Dylan, Outreach Lead at Imperfect

“Enchiladas are easy to scale up and make for a huge crowd!”
-Marisol, Imperfect customer

“I’d say the most helpful lesson I learned was “closed mouths don’t get fed.” It was her way of saying to put myself out there, to ask for what I want, decline what I don’t, to ask questions, and to make my voice heard. That quote has helped me navigate my way through life both in good and bad times. She taught me to eat well (not just healthy), drink well, and travel often.”
– Diana, Imperfect customer

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