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Three New Ways to Eat Better and Fight Waste with Imperfect!

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Food waste is bigger than ugly fruits and vegetables, so we’re always on the lookout for new opportunities to make an impact beyond the farm. Packaged foods have just as much waste in their supply chain as produce, so when we can sell things like crystallized honey, it helps us make a bigger impact. This week, we’re excited to share the stories of three new products that we’re offering in our boxes.

The Mill at Kings River Olive Oil

If you wander through the oil aisle, you’ve probably noticed that almost all olive oil is “Extra Virgin,” (also known as “EVOO”) these days. This got us wondering, what happens to the oils that don’t make the prestigious status cut of “EVOO?” On this journey, we met a Fresno producer with tons of delicious cold-pressed, California-grown olive oil that he couldn’t sell because a small fraction of the olives it was made from had experienced a frosty winter. While it didn’t pass the rigorous tests needed to be called EVOO, it was still healthy, delicious, and versatile oil. We tried it and were won over quickly. The reality is that non-virgin oils are actually better than EVOO for cooking due to their higher smoke point, so adding one to our boxes made perfect sense. When you factor in the fact that it takes 1,729 gallons of water to produce a single pound of olive oil, providing our customers with an affordable way to easily sauté their veggies became an easy decision.

Homegrown Organic Dried Fruit

One of our favorite things about preventing food waste is that there are so many ways to do it that are as delicious as they are innovative. The folks at Homegrown Organic farms got in touch with us recently about a project they had been working on. Faced with an overwhelmingly bountiful harvest of fresh fruit, some of it “ugly” and some of it not, they decided to freeze-dry their surplus and wait for the right buyer. Our missions aligned so well that it was only right to work together. The result is a healthy, sweet, and portable snack that you can throw into school lunches, picnic baskets, and backpacks to stay fueled, wherever life takes you.

Sightglass Spotlight Coffee

What’s ugly coffee? We’re talking about “peaberries”: coffee beans that come in a single, small, round seed, instead of the usual flat pair of seeds. Think of them as the unloved runt of the coffee litter. Despite tasting the same, their unconventional size and shape mean that farmers earn very little money from them, and the beans end up being blended and sold in nameless commodity coffees. Imperfect and Sightglass are working together to highlight these beans, support the farmers that grow them, and help them sell more of their crop. Bay Area customers can help us in this effort, one delicious cup at a time!

Now you can start your morning with a cup of our coffee, have some of our dried fruit as a snack in the afternoon, and cook a delicious meal with our veggies and olive oil in the evening! It’s a win when you can fight food waste all day long. We love providing new options like these for your box because helps our community save even more money on groceries and get more of their shopping (and food waste fighting) done in one easy step. We hope you give these products a try–And don’t be shy to let us know what you think!

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  • Susan Bender
    May 21, 2017 at 11:31 pm

    Hi we love our imperfect boxes, how do we try imperfect coffee?


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