10 Tips for Eating Healthier!

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Healthy eating can be intimidating and confusing. With all of the contradictory news stories and books coming out every day it can be frustratingly hard to figure out which diet or approach is best. We asked our community on Facebook to share their favorite tips and tricks for healthy eating. The responses we got were inspiring, and remarkably consistent. Eating well isn’t complicated, but just involves a little bit of care, curiosity, and a lot of produce! There were too many amazing answers to share, but here are 10 of our favorites:

  1. “It’s all about food prep! When I roast a ton of veggies, cook a protein, and make a bowl of grain at the beginning of the week, I can still make healthy choices when my laziness kicks in around Thursday.” -Jenny
  2. “Eat lots of greens! I have kale every morning cooked in garlic and EVO or coconut oil. I have never felt better and I make sure I get greens at lunch and dinner too. Even if it is just a handful. Replace starchy foods with the greens and you’re good to go!” – Kerri
  3. “If you are feeling the urge to snack, first drink a full glass of water! Chances are, you may be mistaking thirst for hunger (either that or just bored)!” -Sharon
  4. “SLOW DOWN! Most people eat and consume food so quickly or under stress that our bodies can not attain the nutrients and vitamins available.” -Weston
  5. “Green eating is more valuable, than green money. You have to live and be healthy to enjoy spending money.” -Marsha
  6. “Eat Purple Plants for Perennial Health!” -June
  7. “Stay away from processed foods as much as possible eat smaller portions & take your time while eating” -Matt
  8. Eat things that come from the ground, not from a package! Food-like products are not actually food – Kelly
  9. “Eat plants, lots of them” -Ben
  10. “Be realistic. Eating a bag of chips or piece of cake here or there won’t kill you. Some try to cut everything out, then give up shortly or end up binge-eating instead. Balance and moderation will make a healthy diet turn into a healthy lifestyle.” – Sandra

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