Our Favorite Instagram Posts of All Time!

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We just passed 20,000 followers on Instagram and so we wanted to take a minute to listen to “Graduation” by Vitamin C, get all nostalgic, and remember some of our favorite Instagram posts of all time. Here are 5 of our favorite moments in Imperfect Instagram history.

Leaf No Broccoli Behind!

We love telling the untold stories of how our food is grown and where it comes from. So when we partnered with Lakeside Organic Gardens to keep their broccoli leaves from going to waste, we knew that it would be an exciting story to tell. What we didn’t know was how supportive and excited our community would be about these humble leaves. Our broccoli leaves got the type of welcome normally reserved for a new Beyonce album and we couldn’t have been happier!

Beets Hit the Bullseye

Instagram is a wonderful platform for us because it lets us showcase just how beautiful produce can be. Even a humble root vegetable like a beet can be a star on our page. These chioggia beets stole the show and are our most liked Instagram post to date.

Tiny Avocados Need Love Too! 

It’s easy to wrap your head around the cosmetic standards of grocery stores when you’re looking at a curvy carrot or a bell pepper that looks like its waving hello. Yet, size actually is one of the most common why items don’t make it into stores. We set out to tell the story of our tiny avocados, whose small stature used to send them to the top of the compost bin instead of the top of toast. Our Imperfect family rallied behind these adorable avocados and the outpouring of love and acceptance was truly moving.

Break the Internet Acorn Squash

We like to have fun with our Instagram and also like to use it for a good cause. So in the Fall of 2016 we decided to do both. For every like or comment that this voluptuous squash got, we pledged to donate 5 pounds of produce to a local food bank. The Kardashian-esque gourd stole the show and ended up raising a literal ton of produce along the way. Spreading love for curvy vegetables and working to end hunger in our community is one of our favorite win-win outcomes!

The Orange Bell Pepper Debate

During a heated and divisive election season, we wanted to keep things positive. So in classic Imperfect fashion, we combined a light-hearted wonky vegetable picture with an earnest effort to support a food bank. This presidential look alike pepper ended up raising thousands of pounds of produce for the Alameda Food Bank and judging by the comments, brought some much-needed levity and compassion to a heated second presidential debate. We’re thankful that there is no debate about the need to waste less food and feed those in need.

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