Share the produce, share the love! 4 ways that referring a friend is easier than ever!

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We’re not ones to brag, but we’re pretty crazy in love with our new website. Unlike Beyonce, we didn’t wake up looking like this (it took a lot of work!) but the result is as close to flawless as you’re going to get without actually being Queen Bee herself. One of the best results of our website upgrade is that it is easier than ever to refer a friend to Imperfect. Here’s everything that you need to know about our new referral system:

  • You no longer have to list who referred you! We know, our old system was clunkier than a VHS player duct taped to a typewriter. You had to list a friend’s name as the one who referred you, and then on our end we had to match this account name with your new account, which took us a lot of time (who would have thought there were so many Johns and Rachels in California!?) and meant you had to wait, wondering if your referral would go through. The good news is that we’ve gotten rid of this inefficient step and now have 2 new easy ways that you can refer friends.

  • You now have your own custom referral link! You’ve seen your new personalized Imperfect dashboard, but have you seen how easy it is to start referring? Just head to the “Refer a Friend” tab and you’ll see a custom link that we made just for you. You can send this link to any friend, family member, co-worker, professional athlete, or politician that you think would benefit from having a little ugly produce in their lives. How cool is that? Should we send it to Beyonce or Solange first? Porque no los dos?

  • You can refer using social media! That’s right, social media isn’t just for cuddly cat gifs and Game of Thrones memes anymore. On your new referral page, you can easily recommend Imperfect to your friends via Facebook and Twitter. With so many easy ways to refer friends, fight food waste, and grow our community, we bet that you’ll be rolling in good vibes and $10 referral credits in no time. We hope you can go out there and put the ugly produce love on top!

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