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Everything You Need to Know About Customizing Your Box!

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You have the power to make each Imperfect box into the box of your dreams. The key? Customizing. Welcome to the best part of your week.

When to customize your box:

  • Your customization window depends on when your delivery day is. To see when you can customize your box, just log in to your account. The days and times that you can edit your box are front and center.

  • Your window opens and closes at the same time every week. We’ll send you an email when it’s open as a reminder so you don’t miss a beet. If you’re worried about forgetting, we know a lot of people in our community like to create a calendar event or alarm on their phone.

Our top tips for customizing your box:

  • Make a meal plan, Stan. Customization is a great time to plan out your meals for the week! While ordering 8 heads of Romaine is great if you love Caesar salad enough to consider changing your name to Caesar, it’s not great if you can’t eat all that lettuce or find a warren of hungry rabbits before it wilts. Set yourself up for success by having a game plan (or 2) for every fruit and veggie that you’re incorporating into your box.

  • Opt for produce with longer shelf-life and multiple uses. Stock up on storage vegetables (potatoes, onions, and garlic), as they can hang out in your pantry for weeks and used in a wide range of recipes. Aromatic vegetables like celery, leeks, carrots, and bell peppers are also great because they can star in so many different recipes. Citrus is great providing acidity and contrast, and apples and oranges are timeless snacks!

  • Storage Matters (No longer just a show on A&E). How we store our produce has a huge effect on how long it lasts. Having a plan (and space) to properly store your Imperfect produce will empower you to get the most out of every turnip that turns up at your door.  To help with this, we send along a produce storage guide with your first box. Display yours somewhere prominent, like on your fridge next to the wedding invitations and your children’s artwork so your friends will know that proper produce storage is a priority for you.

  • Double check the quantity! To avoid awkwardly large or small piles of your favorite veggies, be sure to check if an item comes by the count or by the pound. This seems insignificant until you receive 10 pounds of marble potatoes.

  • Have some scrappy “rescue” recipes ready. No matter how well you customize, there are going to be weeks where you are left with produce odds and ends hurtling towards their wilted demise in your fridge. When was the last time you finished an entire head of celery, anyway? For this reason, we recommend having some tricks up your sleeve. For aromatics like celery cores, fennel tops, leek greens, orphaned onions, and stray carrots, we usually roast them in the oven and then simmer in water to make fresh vegetable stock. If we have half an avocado or a few leaves of kale lying around, we’ll throw them in a healthy smoothie. We’re also huge fans of making quick pickles, and it’s saved us from ordering too many chiles, cucumbers, and carrots on dozens of occasions.


  • Chyka Jackson
    August 11, 2017 at 1:17 am

    great advice! Thank you! I am definitely changing my diet for the better with this company, but adjusting to actually eating this much veggies and fruits is a bit challenging in the kitchen. LOL

  • John Zamora
    August 11, 2017 at 7:41 pm

    Thanks for the insight Reilly! This is going to be super helpful! I’m going to share with all of my imperfect friends.


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