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3 Fun Drinks to Make with your Summer Produce!

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We’re all about keeping your box exciting every week and giving you fun new ways to enjoy everything in it. This week we are exploring three fun produce drinks to add to your repertoire. These are guaranteed to turn a few heads, make a few friends, and save some produce from being forgotten about in the fridge. We’ve got a cocktail for you that’ll change how you think about celery, but we’ve also got some delicious non-alcoholic options too. At Imperfect, we believe that you don’t need spirits to feel spirited. All you need is some fresh produce and a sense of adventure! Anyhow, who is thirsty?

Celery Gin and Tonic

We know that celery heads are harder to finish than a TV series that’s jumped the shark, so why not turn your stray celery ribs into a delicious cocktail? Celery has an underrated, refreshing quality that pairs really well with herbaceous spirits like gin. If you like this flavor in cocktails, try adding a dash of celery bitters to your next drink or even garnishing the rim with celery salt!

The Greenest Smoothie

We’re normally not so easily won over by hyperbolic drink names or recipes named after a color, but this one is a real winner! It’s a great way to up your leafy green consumption, and the combination of matcha and ginger will leave you feeling focused and energized.

Watermelon Mint Agua Fresca

Move over lemonade, because watermelon agua fresca may be the new best way to beat the heat on a summer afternoon. We know that it’s too easy to eat an entire watermelon in one sitting (or is that just us?) but in the off-chance that you’ve got some leftover watermelon, this is one of the best ways to put it to sweet use.

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