The Best Produce to Take to a Desert Island!

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If you could only bring 3 types of produce with you to a desert island, what would you bring with you, and why? We posed this question to our community on Facebook and the responses were as creative and hilarious as they were thoughtful and well-researched. It’s no surprise that our community knows a ton about nutrition, agriculture, and how to plan fun meals. We were a little surprised by how confident everyone was in their fishing abilities, however. Here are some of our favorite responses:

  • “I’m going to assume that there will be plenty of tropical fruits on the island, so I’d bring things to help with flavor – onions, garlic and basil!”- Jackie
  • “ I would get potatoes (most filling food in the world), kale (gotta get my greens) and blueberries (highest in antioxidants)” – Caroline
  • “Grapes to eat (and to ferment my own wine), sweet potatoes because they’re chock full of antioxidants and versatile, and watermelon, in case water is scarce and to cure my inevitable hangovers from the homemade wine.” – Kaity
  • “Potatoes! In addition to eating I could propagate into more. I’d bring blackberries for something sweet and that I could also try to grow more and make a sauce would compliment any protein I might be fortunate to catch. I’d also bring garlic for its antiviral & antibiotic properties. First aid & garlic potatoes are a win-win.”- Laurel
  • “Sweet potatoes- because you can live on nothing but potatoes and milk in a pinch. Mangoes- because I do love me some mangoes and they’ll fight any worries about scurvy. Bok choy- because leafy greens are important. And for all three – they’re easy to grow, so I would have a sustainable means of feeding myself.” – Eli
  • “Well given that fish would be in plentiful supply I would say garlic and lemon for the fish and strawberries for dessert. Also because all three would easily be re-cultivated on a desert island.” – Kirk
  • “Avocados for maintaining caloric intake, omega 3s, and vitamin K. Broccoli for protein, vitamins A, B6 and C. Sweet potato for carbs, vitamins A and B6 and potassium.” – Aurora
  • “Potatoes, leeks, and parsley. Instant fish stew, just add fish!” – Kathryn
  • “I would bring sweet potatoes, avocados and watermelon. These foods are not only healthy, but they taste amazing and can be made into a variety of different recipes.”
    – Sharon.
  • “Onions, because they’re fairly pest resistant, quickly produce edible bits, and reproduce easily. Beans, because they grow quickly, have edible shoots, and improve the soil in case I’m stuck there a long time. Sweet potato, because while it takes longer to produce tubers, the leaves are edible too.” -Marie
  • “Potatoes- everything you need to survive except calcium plus they’re easy to regrow. Broccoli for calcium (and my fave green). Pineapple because yummmmmm”- Jessica

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