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How to Avoid Veggie Burn Out: Learning to Love 3 Imperfect Staples Again

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We’re all human. Despite wanting to have an open mind and love everything in our box, sometimes we get bored of vegetables after eating them too much. It happens. Here are three vegetables that are easy to burn out on and some fun ideas for keeping them interesting!

Sweet potatoes

Why we get bored with them: Overfamiliarity

They’re a default option in our boxes pretty much all year long so they can get repetitive, like that Pitbull song that seems to be on every radio station including the country station somehow. Besides, you can only make sweet potato fries for so long before you start to get paranoid about if they’re actually a healthy side dish or not.

Ways to mix it up: An easy way to keep sweet potatoes interesting is to incorporate them into a fun dip that you want around anyway AKA sweet potato hummus. If you’re a baker, why not try making sweet potato scones! When in doubt, we always recommend mixing up your cuisine. If you’ve been roasting them a lot, try making a sweet potato curry and you’ll remember just how rich the humble sweet potato can taste.


Why we get bored with it- Obligation/guilt.

Kale is so healthy that sometimes we find ourselves adding it to our box because we feel like it is something we should be eating, instead of because we’re truly inspired to cook with it. Kale can end up feeling like the vegetable version of flossing to impress your dentist. Yet kale doesn’t have to feel dull and obligatory and there are some great ways to remember why you love it in the first place.

Ways to mix it up: Maximize your kale’s crunchy delicious potential by making charred kale pizza! Make kale an easy part of a hearty and life-savingly easy weeknight weeknight dinner. Kale is also an excellent addition to your next healthy smoothie.


Why we get bored with them: Abundance

Zucchini and summer squash season can feel like road tripping through a surprisingly large state–when does this end, exactly? Besides making yet another batch of zucchini bread (where they’re basically just around for moisture content) we don’t always have enough recipe zucchini options to keep them interesting.

Ways to mix it up: In our experience, the way to prevent yourself from getting bored with zucchini is to treat it as an exciting ingredient, instead of a boring or simple one. Lavishing seasonings on zucchini in baked zucchini parmesan is a great way to rediscover how tasty it can be. Let zucchini star in a vegetable fritter with your Imperfect carrots. If you’re really looking for a zucchini challenge, summit squash Everest by making the gorgeously gourmet ratatouille from the film, “Ratatouille.”


  • Kathleen Smith
    December 5, 2020 at 2:50 pm

    They are good raw in salad or as a “chip”. I’ve made chicken enchilada zucchini boats – only problem this recipe doesn’t use the scooped out middle. Also try taco flavored zucchini boats and cheese beef casserole. These are great for sharing with your keto friends.

    • Imperfect
      December 24, 2020 at 7:32 pm

      You had us at chips! 😍


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