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Our Favorite Produce Right Now

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Why we love it: Eggplant’s hearty texture and savory flavor make it a versatile veggie that can star in entrees from a wide range of cuisines.

Cooking tip: Eggplant needs a lot of supporting ingredients to come to life so don’t by shy with your spices and seasonings. Eggplant is particularly fond of bold flavors like garlic, miso, cumin and oregano (maybe not all mixed together, though).

What we’re making with it: Roasted eggplant makes for an amazing dip that you won’t be able to keep your pita, chips, and other nearby dippable objects away from.

Colorful cauliflower

Why we love it: In addition to its jaw-dropping beauty, our cauliflower is a great team player that contributes great flavor and texture to stir fries, curries, and soups without hogging all the attention.

Cooking tip: Roasting cauliflower brings out its sweet, nutty flavor, while preserving its crisp texture. Cauliflower also tastes great in purées and can even be mashed like potatoes!

What we’re making with it: We love how humble cauliflower and potatoes absolutely steal the show in Aloo Gobi, an easy, vegetarian dish from India.

Jalapeños and Serranos

Why we love them: These little green chiles are the frugal cook’s best friend. Just one contributes a ton of fruity flavor and addictive spice to any dish.

Cooking tip: The heat of the jalapeño lives in the membrane around the seeds. If you want the flavor minus the spice, just remove the seeds and the membrane. Try roasting your chiles for a deeper, mellower, sweeter flavor.

What we’re making with them: This sweet and tangy corn dish is about as good of a use of your Imperfect chiles (and corn!) as we’ve come across.

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  • Nettie Nelsen
    October 2, 2017 at 4:09 pm

    What and inventive and inspiring video. And so cute.


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