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Cook With Your Coffee!

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We’re super stoked about our partnership with Sightglass coffee. Now that all of our customers can add coffee to their boxes, we wanted to send along some fun recipe ideas to inspire you to cook with your coffee in addition to drinking it. But first, let’s answer the obvious question: 

Why cook with coffee? 

We know, most of our relationship to coffee consists of saying “yes please!” every morning, but coffee is also an amazing ingredient to cook with. Both the grounds and the brewed coffee bring a rich complexity of flavor to the table. So whether you’ve got some extra coffee that you’re looking to use up, or you’re just looking to learn some new recipes, we hope you’ll try taking your Sightglass beans for a test drive in the kitchen. How, you ask? 

Use ground coffee in a spice rub! 

Ground coffee has a wonderful earthy, bittersweet flavor that makes it perfect for spice rubs. Just make sure to round out coffee’s bitterness with sweeter components like brown sugar, cloves, or paprika. While the recipe below includes meat, please note that a coffee rub is also great on roasted vegetables like eggplant, sweet potatoes, or mushrooms as well as tofu, Seitan, and Tempeh. 

Get the recipe for a coffee spice rub!

Use brewed coffee in your stew or chili! 

We often season with salt and sometimes season with acid, but when was the last time that you seasoned with bitterness? It might sound weird, but adding a little bit of brewed coffee to a stew, braise, or chili is a great way to round out the flavor by adding a little bit of bitterness. Bitter ingredients like coffee or beer provide a flavor bass note that makes rich dishes taste full and harmonious. As with the above, our sample recipe includes some meat, but you can easily use coffee in a vegetarian or vegan chili as well! 

Get the recipe for the best chili ever!

Use coffee to create next-level desserts!

Even more than with savory dishes, adding some bitterness in the form of coffee will give your desserts new depth and balance. This chocolate cake recipe is a great example of this principle. Coffee is great in baked goods because it add weight and contrast to other powerful flavors like chocolate. For the record, this recipe is 100% vegetarian and 110% delicious! 

Get the recipe for chocolate cake with ganache glaze!

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  • Maggie Stark
    September 9, 2017 at 10:12 pm

    Your hyperlink for the chili is messed up. The ‘G’ links to the recipe. The rest "et the recipe for the best chili ever! " links to this page actually.. Just a heads up!


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