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The Imperfect Playlist: What We’re Listening To

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Just like you, Imperfect employees love to rock out to music while commuting, working, and cooking. We assembled a playlist of some of our favorite jams right now and asked our team to explain their choices. The result is as eclectic as one of our produce boxes, and we’d have it no other way!

Ben, CEO: Shake Me Down by Cage the Elephant

“I first heard Cage the Elephant in August 2009 driving through Berkeley with my best friend on a trip that was my first time in California as an adult. They’ve become one of my favorite bands and seeing them live at Outsidelands this year was a nice way to come full circle 8 years later. Shake me down is my favorite song by them. I like the lyrics and how the song eases in and then builds. To me, it’s about finding serenity and positivity amidst the chaos.”

Dylan, Director of Outreach: Feathers by the Lil Smokies

“It’s an uplifting jam from the new album “Changing Shades”. The refrain states when “feathers start to weigh you down, let them go”—an important message during these trying times!”

Amy, Customer Care Manager: Last Train Home by Pat Metheny Group

“My dad played it all the time when we were kids and I recently re-discovered it. It’s just a nice lil bit o’ nostalgia. “

John, Innovation Manager: 4:44 by Jay Z

“I’ve been listening to this whole album a lot recently. It’s an interesting response and follow up to Beyonce’s Lemonade. While nothing can quench my musical thirst quite like Lemonade, Jay Z is remarkably introspective here, which is a refreshing change.” 

Aaron, Outreach Associate: King’s Highway (Live) by Tom Petty

“The acoustic version of this jam is so elevating, with the energy of the crowd, the hope of the lyrics, the wistfulness, etc.  Plus I like to imagine the lines “Oh, I’ll await the day / good fortune comes our way / and we ride down the King’s Highway” as a squad of friends & family riding horses down Ye Olde El Camino Real in an Edenic, car-free, post-apocalypse world.”

Kim, Customer Care Associate: Closer by Tegan & Sara

“I love the song cause it’s really cute and sweet but not in a cheesy or corny way!”

Reilly, Content Manager: Misfit by High Dive Heart

“This song puts a smile on my face because it has such a positive and welcoming message. I like to rock out to it at work while writing feel-good posts for our social media pages. I dream of the day when it can the anthem behind our first Imperfect television commercial. It gets bonus points for a truly adorable music video, which forced me to invent a story for my boss about cutting onions at my desk…”

Crystal, Customer Care Associate: Back to Life by Soul 2 Soul

“It’s the song that starts my week off the right way.” 


  • Karen Bradley
    January 31, 2018 at 4:52 pm

    Loved your playlist, and I just played "Misfit" for my high school students, telling them about imperfect produce at the same time. Can you do another post about "What we’re listening to?"
    –Karen Bradley, Imperfect Customer (yes, I meant that)

    • John Zamora
      January 31, 2018 at 6:01 pm

      Hey Karen! Thanks so much for reading and listening! We’re really glad that you enjoyed "Misfit" and this playlist. We’d be happy to do a follow-up playlist down the road. Stay tuned!


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