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Where do our Pumpkins Come From? Imperfect Goes to the Farm!

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It’s fall, which means that pumpkins are officially everywhere, on your front porch, in your kitchen and even your latte! Have you ever wondered where exactly pumpkins come from, though? We love learning the answers to these questions, so we sent some of our marketing team down to Jacobs Del Cabo Farms to learn the story of our Imperfect pumpkins. The result was beautiful, heart-warming, and delicious (there was pie involved).

Jacobs Del Cabo is located in Pescadero California, just over an hour South of San Francisco (period). On this scenic plot of farmland, Del Cabo grows organic pumpkins, squashes, and herbs.

Del Cabo grows three varieties of sugar pie pumpkins. The smallest (and cutest) is the “Baby Bear” variety. While we found them adorable, we were shocked to learn that 50-60% of the harvest used to get left in the field every year because they were too small for grocery stores.

Thanks to our community, today these adorable pumpkins have found a loving home.

We learned that orange spots on acorn squash happen where the squash rested on the ground while growing. They also can occur in particularly ripe squash, or even as a form of squash sunburn. Sadly, grocery stores often will not buy squash with too much orange, even though it does not impact their flavor.

In addition to seasonal squashes, Del Cabo grows herbs like rosemary, mint, and oregano as well. As an organic farm, they use beneficial insects like spiders to control pests on their herb plots. Del Cabo was an early pioneer in the organic movement in the 1980s.

The air around an herb field smells minty fresh and magical.

Farm visit complete, we stopped by Duarte’s in Pescadero for sandwiches and pie.

We want to say thanks to the entire Del Cabo team for growing such awesome produce and for making this visit a reality. Thanks to you for reading this far and supporting our mission!

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