3 Ways to Have a Less Wasteful Black Friday

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Just like Thanksgiving, Black Friday can end up being a very wasteful day of the year if you’re not careful. Besides all of the plastic packaging involved in holiday shopping, we’ve found that we often end up wasting a lot of time and money at crowded places that leave us feeling stressed out instead of festive and relaxed. We’ve been really inspired by companies like REI, whose “opt outside” movement got everyone re-thinking the day. So we wanted to share 3 easy ways you can #OptOutOfWaste this Black Friday!

  • Make it a kitchen project day! You’re probably overwhelmed with leftovers anyway, so why not make today all about showing your food and your kitchen some overdue love? Make a big batch of stock with your leftover turkey and celery, deep clean your refrigerator, or teach yourself a new “root-to-leaf” vegetable recipe. Make today about learning and restoration instead of consumption!
  • Volunteer! Instead of giving your money to a big box store, why not give your time to an awesome organization in your neighborhood? Volunteering is a great way to spend time with your loved ones and give back to your community. Looking for an awesome organization to volunteer for? Check out our donation partners page!
  • Give the gift of no waste! If you want to buy a gift for someone special in your life, consider buying them an Imperfect gift certificate. This is a gift that fights waste instead of creating more, will help them eat healthier, and is one that you can buy without even taking off your PJs!

We hope you’ll join us and #OptOutOfWaste this Black Friday. Just think all of the creative and delicious ways that you can spend the day that won’t end in a panic-inducing pile of packaging and comparably large hole taken out of your checking account. After all, what matters most about the holidays isn’t the things we give each other, but the experiences that we share. Here’s to sharing some amazing ones this holiday season!

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