Our Imperfect Thanksgiving Principles

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Thanksgiving is almost here! Get excited because we’ll be sending you a fun recipe guide full of tips for a no-waste Thanksgiving plus delicious ideas for using up your leftovers. We’ll also be making it easier than ever to give back and share the Imperfect love with those in need. Since the produce is still a few weeks away, we wanted to share our four Thanksgiving principles to help you get into the holiday spirit and make your celebration extra special.

Picture-perfect Thanksgivings are for magazines.

Your Thanksgiving spread may never look as composed as those in the glossy pages of a holiday magazine, and that’s okay. When we let go of the idea of a perfect Thanksgiving we can fully appreciate the beautiful imperfection around us. Help us reclaim pride in imperfection this year by sharing a photo of your feast using the hashtag: #MyImperfectThanksgiving. We’ll donate a meal to a food bank for every hashtag used!

The tradition that matters most is togetherness.

Thanksgivings, just like families, come in many shapes and sizes. Whether yours involves 2 people or 20; a turkey, a tuna, or just a ton of produce, there is no wrong way to celebrate. What matters is spending time with the people in your life that matter to you and savoring the simple joy of good food and company. 

Gratitude is magical (and giving back is golden!) 

Our favorite Thanksgiving tradition (besides pumpkin pie) doesn’t involve food at all, and it’s free! Taking a moment to share gratitude makes us healthier and happier! If you want to do more and give back to those in need, it’s easier than ever before. This year you can easily donate produce to those in need while you customize your box. Imperfect will match every pound of produce that our community pledges to donate!

Leftovers happen. Embrace them!

Our Thanksgiving leftovers muse is Chef Regan Achler, who says “I don’t want to relive the meal. I want to add to it.” In the Thanksgiving guide in your next box, you’ll find some of our favorite leftovers recipes so your Thanksgiving and the weeks afterward can be waste-free and delicious. Re-discovering the joy in leftovers will ensure that your feast feeds as many people as possible while reducing the environmental impact of a normally wasteful holiday. What’s not to love?

So get excited, sharpen your knives, and start cleaning out your fridge now, because an Imperfect thanksgiving is coming to your door soon. Let’s make it the most generous and grateful one yet!

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