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‘Tis the Season to Give Back!

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While we love the holiday season for all of its delicious food and neverending celebration, this is also an important time of year to reflect, give thanks, and give back. Whether you’re enjoying Thanksgiving with your family, roasting up Imperfect green beans with friends for a holiday side dish, or treating yourself to some Netflix and hot cocoa, we invite you to join us in spreading that holiday cheer to those in need. Here’s the scoop on our plan for holiday giving:

  • Thanks to our awesome community, Imperfect is able to support food banks all year round. Yet while we donate thousands of pounds of produce each week to our partner nonprofits across the country, in the spirit of the holidays, we want to empower you to help us make an even bigger impact this Thanksgiving and make our donations even more special.
  • Since you don’t have access to the mountains of produce that we do, we dreamt up a way to combine forces and fight hunger in a bigger way. With our new donation feature, you can easily donate 5 pounds of produce when you customize your next box, and Imperfect will match every pound donated! 
  • We’ll also be working closely with our donation partners, including Food Shift in the Bay Area, LA Kitchen in Los Angeles, and Urban Gleaners in the Pacific Northwest, to make sure that your contribution has the biggest impact possible. Instead of donating all at once, as food banks are often flooded with donations around the holiday season, we’ll be staggering our collective donations throughout the next few months to ensure that our partners have a steady stream of delicious, fresh produce even after the spirit of holiday giving has dissipated.

We can’t wait to team up with you to make sure this holiday season nourishing and joyful for as many people as possible. Thank you for your ongoing support of Imperfect, our mission, and our social impact partners. It warms our hearts!

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