5 Gift Ideas for a Less Wasteful Holiday Season

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The holiday season is already upon us, which means we get an excuse to bake cookies and give each other cool things. While we’re not ones to start playing “Baby It’s Cold Outside” while washing Thanksgiving dishes, we love a useful gift as much as the next company, especially if it helps us eat better, reduce waste, and be happier! So here are our top holiday gift recommendations for this shopping season.

  • For a sweet and sustainable stocking stuffer: Alter Eco Chocolate . Our friends at Alter Eco make some of the most delicious chocolates out there, while also setting the standard for ethical sourcing and sustainability in everything they do. If you’re looking for a sweet treat that you can feel good about, look no further. If you’re as big a fan as we are, they also sell wonderful grains like heritage rice and quinoa to round out your next holiday feast!
  • For a veggie fanatic: A spiralizer . Spiralizers are unavoidably trendy but undeniably useful, especially if you know anyone that, say, gets boxes of zucchinis, beets, and carrots delivered regularly. Spiralizers are a great way to mix up the texture and shape of your vegetables and make it really easy to put in work on that pile of beets expectantly rolling around in your crisper drawer. You’re not limited to spirals either, Fibonacci. You can also use this nifty gadget to make healthy chips out of anything within arms reach!
  • For a less wasteful kitchen: Beeswrap. Beeswrap is a seriously awesome, sustainable alternative to plastic cling wrap. This is an easy gift to make kitchen storage easier and less wasteful in the long run. Their cotton and beeswax wraps are hygienic, reusable, washable, and even have cool patterns too!
  • For a DIY Homemade Gift: A pickling kit! We love homemade, practical gifts, and none is more practical than the produce lover in your life than the essentials for making good pickles at home. You get to craft the final package by selecting some stylish jars, a workhorse vinegar, and a few hand-picked spices and nestling them in a cute bag or basket. Or, if you’d rather just buy a kit, that’s easy too!
  • For a healthy start to 2018: ClasspassIf you love the healthy rush of customizing your produce box and wish you could do that for your workout schedule, this is the service for you! Classpass is a subscription service that lets you attend a wide range of fitness classes in the area that you live in. It’s like a healthy buffet of exercise options. One of the biggest challenges to getting and staying in shape is making exercise fit into your schedule and we love how Classpass makes it easy to sneak in a yoga class during lunch or a HIIT class after work.

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