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The Life-Changing Art of Tidying Up Your Fridge

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Why clean out your fridge? 

Few things prevent more waste quite like a clean fridge. Simply put, being able to see everything you have in there lets you spot waste before it happens and move through leftovers regularly. Cleaning out your fridge also makes cooking easier to do. Since fridge clutter represents unmade decisions, cleaning out your fridge ends up cleaning out your mind too. It’s a very zen exercise that will leave you feeling happier, more energized, and excited to use your kitchen. We asked our employees for their top tips for cleaning out your refrigerator. Here they are.

How to clean out your fridge like a pro: 

  • Set aside a time. Deep-cleaning your fridge is not something you can or should attempt in between episodes of The Crown or in the 10 minutes of energy you have left before bed. If you plan to spend a meaningful chunk of time cleaning out your fridge, you’ll do better work, have more fun, and get your fridge looking more fly than it has in months.

  • Make it into a fun event! If you’re going to spend an hour giving your fridge some overdue TLC, celebrate it. Open a festive beverage, put on your favorite playlist or podcast, and turn cleaning into a celebration of renewal and organization.

  • Take note of what you find. Cleaning out your fridge is a great time to take stock of your shopping habits and make some course corrections. Whether you catch yourself making enormous batches of artichoke dip that you never finish, or drowning in ambitiously healthy kale purchases, you can’t hide from your shopping blind spots once you clean out your fridge. This newfound knowledge about yourself is a very good thing!

  • Plan meals around what’s still good. You’re about to unearth some leftovers more forgotten than that one hit wonder from Middle School (we still love you, Yellow Card!). Hone your kitchen creativity and save time on tonight’s dinner by getting crafty with your leftovers. This is a great time to make soup, curry, or your favorite “kitchen sink” leftovers dish!

  • Scrub down those shelves. Refrigerator shelves, especially the ones in the produce crisper, can get pretty funky over time. Giving them a wipe down with a non-toxic cleaner like white vinegar will leave them pristine and ready to lovingly hold more of your produce.

  • Re-invest in your containers. If you have gaps in your container lineup, you’ll know by the end of this. See-through containers are a lifesaver as they keep your leftovers from being pushed back into the back of your fridge and forgotten about! If you need more, make a note and make a plan to buy what you need.

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