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How the Southern California Wildfires Impact the Produce Industry

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For the second time in as many months, Californians are holding their breaths as wildfires rage across our communities. In addition to the suffering and property damage that these fires have inflicted on residential areas, these fires have also hit our agricultural areas hard, with tragic results.

Ventura County, where the Thomas fire is centered, is also the home of much of Californias avocado and citrus farms. Farmers in this region have had to watch helplessly as fires destroyed acres of valuable fruit trees. Our hearts go out to our farm partners in Southern California. While it’s too early to tell what exactly this will mean for the greater citrus and avocado industries in California, it goes without saying that we’ll all need to show compassion and understanding towards our farmer friends in this tough time. While for us these fires may just mean a shortage or price spike, for the farmers in Ventura it has meant the loss of their livelihood.

Thankfully, as with any tragedy of this scale, the Thomas fire has inspired acts of heroism and generosity all over Southern California. Our friends at The LA Kitchen have inspired us with their fire relief efforts, donating much-needed meals to firefighters and other first responders. We’re proud to support them with thousands of pounds of produce donations each week.

The last time we faced wildfires in Northern California, our Imperfect community rallied together to get through it. We hope that we can do the same now and show solidarity with our friends in Southern California. To support LA Kitchen’s relief effort, please visit their website and consider donating your time or money if you are able to. We thank you for sharing your generosity and compassion this holiday season. Southern California needs it.

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