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A Love Letter to Watermelon Radishes

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We’re crazy about watermelon radishes right now. We have to tell you about it because we think you just might fall in love too. How do we love them? Lettuce count the ways!

  1. They’re stunningly beautiful! We’re not superficial, but having gorgeous vegetables like watermelon radishes in the kitchen just brings us a lot of joy. Every time we cut them open it’s a magical experience, like watching the sunset, or having your best friend text you the perfect reaction GIF.
  2. They’re a great source of crunch! Good food is often defined by how much crunchy contrast it has. Radishes are a reliable way to add some vitamin Crunch to any dish.
  3. They’re great for you! Radishes are an excellent source of fiber, vitamin C (the other one), potassium. Brightly colored ones like watermelon radishes are also loaded with antioxidants. With so many colorful sweet treats around this holiday season, it’s pretty rad to have colorful food around that we can feel good about eating.
  4. They’re versatile! Radishes crunchy texture and punchy flavor make them a wonderful topping for a salad, grain bowl, or taco. They’re just as good pickled or fermented in your next batch of sauerkraut! Their versatility and assertive flavor make them a wonder vegetable in our book!
  5. They’ve got an empowering message. You might be thinking “how can a radish have a message?” Until they get to deliver their TED talk next year, we’ll summarize for them. Watermelon radishes are totally unassuming and honestly kind of “meh” looking on the outside, but on the inside is a bright and captivating world of color. They remind us to not judge anyone or anything by what things look like on the outside because we might be missing out on something truly magical just underneath the surface.

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