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Imperfect in 2017: A Year in Review

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What a year it’s been for ugly produce and Imperfect! As 2017 winds down we invite you to raise a glass of champagne, kombucha, kale smoothie or whatever beverage strikes your fancy and relive some of our favorite moments from this past year. What did we do in 2017?

  • We expanded to 4 new cities! It seems crazy looking back, but since this time last year, we’ve launched ugly produce delivery in Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, and Chicago! Each new city has brought us closer to our goal of helping people all over our country eat better and waste less food! Getting to meet everyone’s snuggly cats on Instagram has been nice too.
  • We kept over 8 million pounds of produce from going to waste in one year. That’s a lot of crooked carrots, small squashes, and nosy eggplants! All said and done, thanks to you we have kept over 10 million pounds since we started! Let’s keep it up!
  • We were on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome! How many CEO’s can say they’ve made a curvy squash the butt of a joke on live television?
  • We gave back! From raising over 34,000 pounds of produce to support food banks over Thanksgiving to helping each other out when wildfires threatened our friends and families, we’ve learned just how generous and kind our community is in 2017.
  • We got to share it with you! When our 3 founders (goofy photo below) created Imperfect, they weren’t exactly sure who would want to buy all of this ugly produce that was going to waste. Over 2 year later, the wonderful community that has rallied around our mission has blown our minds at every turn. We’ve met you at events, seen your meals on Instagram, and marveled at how all of you instinctively know how to apply googly eyes to produce for the most hilarious results. Food, like happiness, is nothing if not shared, and sharing our fruits and veggies with you every week makes all of the hard worth more than worth it!

Happy New Year from all of us at Imperfect! 

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  • Iris Dalin
    January 1, 2018 at 3:47 pm

    Great idea!


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