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A Note from Farmer Christopher

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This week marked a huge milestone in Imperfect’s life. Our Chicago launch means we’re growing roots in a new region, and expanding our community further East than we’ve ever gone before. Before we sit down for celebratory deep-dish pizza, we want to share a lovely note from one of our partner farms in the Midwest, Curve of the Earth.

Curve of the Earth is a small, 15-acre, certified-organic vegetable wholesaler. They grow a variety of kale, collard greens, radishes, potatoes, garlic, chard, tomatoes, and sweet peppers. They rely entirely on solar panels, wind turbines, and a propane generator to power this impressive enterprise. For four years, Curve of the Earth has been cultivating soil that is nestled in the Black River Watershed in Southwest Michigan.

We chatted with Farmer Christopher from Curve of the Earth, and we’re thrilled to learn that he shares our outlook on food accessibility. He said: “I am grateful every day to have the opportunity to be a vegetable farmer. I am passionate about getting ethically-grown produce onto the plates of everyday people for a price that the poorest can afford. I am an advocate for making good food accessible to those in vulnerable places in their lives, such as hospitals, schools, jails, rehabilitation centers, [and] impoverished food deserts.”

He also expressed his excitement about working with our mission: “Putting this abundance into the bellies of all the people is revolutionary…because nearly 50% of all the edible biomass that a farmer grows ends up on the ground to compost [due to] our culture of apparent visual imperfection. I am very excited about the efforts of Imperfect and the entire ‘rational food’ movement. This re-education is vital to the sustainability of the food system. As the planet becomes increasingly populated, it becomes imperative that we learn to experience food a bit differently, more realistically.”

Farmer Christopher left us with some final thoughts to ponder: “Imperfections are the expressions of the individual circumstance of each plant’s borne fruit. From a bit of struggle experienced along the way comes the sweetness and the story. Each leaf of a bunch of greens, each stone fruit, each root veggie has a story written upon its structure and within its flavor. There is nothing wrong with imperfect…in fact, I prefer it!”

Curve of the Earth is one of the many incredible farms we work with to make sure your box is filled with fresh and delicious ugly produce each week. Farmer Christopher reminded us that there is so much beauty and value in the natural world around it when you look at it with compassionate eyes. We’re so excited to welcome him (and you!) to our growing Imperfect family in Chicago.

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