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Let’s Hear It For Asian Pears!

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They look a bit like apples, taste almost like pears, and are one of our favorite ingredients right now! What’s so great about Asian pears and what can you do with them? Here’s what you need to know, now:

How they’re different than other pears: Due to their crisp texture and high water content, these pears aren’t great for baking, but they’re ideal for slaws and salads!

Ripeness tip: Unlike other pears, you don’t need to wait for Asian pears to soften before eating. They’re ready to eat as soon as you buy them, making them an inpatient or hungry shopper’s best friend!

Storage tip: Despite their firm texture, Asian pears can bruise easily, so store them carefully so they don’t bang into other fruit, people, or pets. Properly stored somewhere cold and dark, Asian pears can last for weeks.

Nutrition benefits: Asian pears are high in fiber, potassium, Vitamin K, copper and Vitamin C!

Our go to use: Snacking or salads! Here’s an easy salad recipe! 

Unexpected use: If you eat meat, Asian pears make an excellent addition to your next Korean barbecue marinade!

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