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How to Go Out to Eat Ugly: Imperfect in Restaurants!

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To help raise awareness about food waste and make learning about it as delicious as possible, we’ve teamed up with some of our favorite restaurants in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and Portland. So now, even when you eat out, you can still eat ugly! We’re featuring some collaborations below. Be sure to check out Sqirl and Honey Hi in LA, Tusk and Quaintrelle in Portland, Central Kitchen and Duna in San Francisco, Frankie + Jo’s in Seattle as well as our Chicago partners: Dove’s Luncheonette, Publican Anker, Quiote, and Nico Osteria.

Want to see Imperfect on your favorite restaurant’s menu? Let us know at Bon appetit!

Los Angeles

Visit Sqirl in Los Angeles to try out inventive and delicious dishes featuring Imperfect produce. Chef and owner Jessica Koslow dreams up a weekly dish based on what’s available and what would otherwise be wasted that week. For example, this dish stars sweet potatoes, lentils, oil-cured olives, and pickled Imperfect onions. Sqirl also uses our brown rice to make a warm brown rice porridge topped with fresh fruit and jam. Stop by to see what they’re creating this week!


We teamed up with the fantastic team at Tusk in Portland on an Imperfect-inspired salad. This bright and beautiful dish features carrots, radishes, pistachios, and black pepper. We can’t wait to try to recreate it at home!


For our fellow sweet treat fans, we’re excited about this March ice cream collaboration with our friends at Frankie + Jo’s in Seattle. Their delicious plant-based flavors celebrate tasty and unique fruits, vegetables, plants, and trees. Frankie + Jo’s roasts Imperfect rhubarb and blends it with a house fermented coconut yogurt and fresh yuzu citrus juice to create a tangy, silky smooth frozen yogurt-like ice cream. Yum!


We’re proud to supply Imperfect onions to Dove’s Luncheonette in Chicago to be used in nearly all of their fantastic dishes. We’re consistently blown away by Chef Carlin’s inviting menu and spirit of genuine hospitality. Set to the sounds of 1960s and 70s Chicago soul and blues, this 41-stool luncheonette offers counter service morning, noon and night in the heart of Chicago’s Wicker Park.


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