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Cheers to No Waste: Bay Area Brews With Imperfect Fruits!

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Looking for a fun, hop-filled weekend activity? Thanks to Ryan Holmes, operations team member (and Imperfect’s unofficial Beer Liaison), you can drink beer brewed with Imperfect produce all around the Bay Area!

We recommend starting your bar crawl at Freewheel Brewing Company in Redwood City. They’re on a mission to brew top notch session beers in the time-honored tradition of English style cask-conditioned ales. They’re using Imperfect citrus to make an incredible Mandarin IPA. 

Next, head over to the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco, where Imperfect calls home! Our after work refreshment recently got sweeter, thanks to collaborative beers with our neighbors at Laughing Monk and Seven Stills. Ryan has helped turn our leftover produce into happy hour stars. Around the corner from Imperfect HQ, Seven Stills makes a Mandarin Wheat with our Imperfect mandarins and a few steps from there, Laughing Monk makes a Mandarin IPA. Both are office favorites and a refreshing way to drink ugly!

We recommend stopping by Marthita’s for one of the best burritos in town and then heading over to Oakland to continue your trek. 

Ale Industries is an innovative and sustainable brewery that we’re so excited to be working with. In their words “We pioneer brewing technologies to save energy and reduce waste because we understand that investing in the environment will nurture the communities we care about, allowing them to flourish and grow. Oakland, California is our home, where we aim to foster connections with our neighbors and friends.”

To fuel these inspired beers, Ale Industries experiments with flavor combinations like chamomile, orange peel, and coriander.

Try the Pushing Mango, brewed with Imperfect mangoes. Casey Cobb, a partner at Ale Industries, explains, “We’ve been having a lot of fun with the Milkshake IPA style and wanted to do something more “traditional” than our pretty wild Blackforest Shake that we released last month, which featured cold-brewed coffee.” 

Pushing Mango is a traditional Milkshake IPA. Ale Industries used 240 lbs of deliciously ripe mangos, which they added during the beer’s fermentation (it took their team two full days to hand-cut all the mangos for this beer!). Casey recommends pairing Pushing Mango with spicy foods, a light and refreshing salad, or a hard cheese.

While it might be ambitious to try to have an Imperfect pint at all of these places in one day, we hope you can make a trip to a few of them. If you do, let us know what your favorites brews are and we just might bump into you along the way!

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