Cucumber Aloe Face Mist

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We’re excited to share this refreshing “recipe” for a cucumber aloe face mist featuring Imperfect cucumbers from our friend Mara Davanzati. Be sure to check out her blog for more fantastic content!

Mara: Let me just preface that I am not complaining about the weather when I say this, but it is finally hot. And if you’re like me, you want to soak up every last minute of sunshine, whether that be hiking, biking, taking a road trip, or sitting on the beach.

Besides providing some quality Vitamin D, the sun also has its downsides. Yep, I’m talking about the effect of those harmful rays on your skin. If you struggle with that constant battle between your skin being too dry or too moisturized, I may just have the best-kept summer secret.

With all of those pricey natural products out there, I wanted to create something that doesn’t break the bank and is super easy to make. This simple and effective spraywas the result. It’s perfect for problematic skin. Fresh cucumber and aloe vera water hydrate the skin while reducing redness. Witch hazel is also known for reducing inflammation and clearing away bacteria, making this a great toner after a workout. Scroll down for the recipe!


  • 1/2 Imperfect cucumber, sliced
  • 1 oz pure witch hazel
  • 2 c aloe vera water
  • 4 oz glass mist spray bottle


  1. Wash and slice the cucumber into bite-sized discs
  2. Submerge cucumber slices in aloe vera water, making sure they are completely covered
  3. Store container in the fridge overnight
  4. Strain the cucumbers from the aloe vera water
  5. Add 3 oz of the cucumber aloe vera water to your spray bottle – this will be about 3/4 of the bottle
  6. Add 1 oz of witch hazel to the mixture
  7. Secure the misting nozzle, shake, and spritz!

Recipe Notes

Keep this cucumber aloe face mist in the fridge for a refreshing mist after a yoga practice or jog outside!


  • Christine K.
    June 29, 2018 at 11:57 am

    Great idea – Thank You!

    • Reilly Brock
      June 29, 2018 at 4:20 pm

      We’re so glad you liked it. You’re very welcome, Christine!

  • Cheryl McDonald
    July 1, 2018 at 8:13 pm

    How does one make aloe vera water? Just milk the leaves, or is there a critical concentration?


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