How to Set a Better Dinner Table

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Photography, Content, and Creative Direction by Christiann Koepke

Today, Christiann is sharing her tips on how to reuse and repurpose your Imperfect produce to create a beautiful tablescape. Whether you’re inviting over guests or treating yourself to dinner, we think creating a space to share a special meal is one of the most therapeutic and heartwarming activities you can do in the kitchen. 

I absolutely love the idea of setting an extravagant, yet simple tablescape in your dining room that celebrates the season and the beauty of imperfection. Imperfect offers so much variety week to week that the options are endless. For this design, I wanted a beautiful color pairing so I added in an unexpected element of Imperfect artichokes.

This story is Part 1 in a 3 part series. I set out to use Imperfect produce to set a table in an unexpected way. I also wanted to bring in an element of “reuse” to carry on the vision of preventing waste. The entire table design was based around a handful of Imperfect organic grapefruits. And I found a unique way to use them yet again as well! More on that in Part 2.

Here are a few steps to my how to so you also can create your own table design!

I. Decide what your color palette will be!

I always love to play with the colors of the season. Peach and green was the perfect combo for late Spring and early Summer.

II. Figure out how much Imperfect produce you will need

You can order as much as you want week to week. Plan ahead and get enough for your tablescape and extra for your week’s meals.

III. Prepare your Imperfect produce for the table design

This is the fun part! Get creative with various shapes and angles. Think outside the box. Let food be your art.

IV. Set the table!

  1. Start with your tablecloth. If you want a second layer of color, simply lay out a favorite linen in the center.
  2. Greenery always makes an excellent base. It also helps fill out the look.
  3. Layer in your featured Imperfect produce.
  4. From there, add in your various complimentary pieces.

If you have questions feel free to reach out via IG or my website. Make sure to share what you’ve created for your own table design on social media by tagging @imperfectproduce and @christiannkoepke!

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