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Why We Love Chirps Chips!

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Our hunt for the most delicious and sustainable things to put in your Imperfect box takes us to some pretty fun places. Sometimes this journey just involves re-thinking snacking, and proving that snacking can turn a normally wasteful industry on its head!

Case in point: Now our Bay Area customers can add delicious and healthy chips to their weekly produce box from our friends at Chirps, made with cricket protein! That’s right, crickets. Here’s why the Chirps approach to protein-rich snacking is so game-changing:

  • It saves water! If you’re looking to add sustainable protein to your diet without taxing the planet, it’s worth noting that 50% of the freshwater in the US goes to the livestock industry. It takes over 2,000 gallons of water to make a pound of beef, but it takes only one gallon of water to produce a pound of crickets! All in all, 1 bag of Chirps chips saves 6 gallons of water compared to a comparable amount of whey protein.
  • It reduces food miles! In the US, our food travels an average of 1,500 miles from farm to plate. Unlike other forms of agriculture, domesticated crickets can be raised in cities, meaning that they have to travel a fraction of the distance from farm to fork (or chip bag in this case!).
  • It reduces greenhouse gas emissions! All said and done, the livestock industry produces more greenhouse gases than all forms of transportation combined. Pound for pound, crickets produce 1% of the greenhouse gas emissions of beef.
  • It reduces food waste! As we’re all aware, about ⅓ of the food we produce goes uneaten, resulting in 1 trillion dollars of wasted food every year in the US. Since crickets can be fed organic food waste, they help close the loop on all this needless waste every year.

If the environmental benefits weren’t enough, these mind-blowing chips are also packed with fiber and protein and come in delicious flavors like cheddar and barbecue. They’re made with a wholesome mix of stone-ground corn, beans, chia seeds, and of course cricket flour. Chirps have become a popular office snack at Imperfect HQ in San Francisco and we can’t wait to hear what you think of them!


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