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Summer Produce Preview

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The days are long, the nights warm, and the summer produce more plentiful than the number of superheroes in an Avengers sequel. Here’s are the produce attractions that we’re most excited to see this summer:

Cheery about cherries

We’re excited to share that, starting in late June and throughout July we’ll be getting cherries from our Pacific Northwest farmers, including crimson Bings and sweet and golden Raniers. Keep an eye out for the adorably imperfect looking double cherries in your next box. Produce PSA: the cherry season is as short as it is delicious, so stock up while you can!

Plums and pluots, please

Plums and their delicious apricot cousin, the pluot, are already starting to show up in Imperfect boxes. While the market is tight right now, we will see more plums and pluots as June transitions into July. Some of them are smaller sized, others are scarred, and all of them make a perfect snack on a hot summer day!

Mushroom mania

Fungus fans can rejoice as mushrooms are coming back to a produce box near you! We’ll be getting odd-sized and surplus shiitakes from Salem Oregon and Watsonville, California. In addition to the super savory shiitakes, we also try to buy up surplus gourmet mushrooms like trumpets or Shimejis. Keep an eye out for the specialty mushrooms we’ve picked out each week the next time you customize your box!

Excellent eggplant excitement

As the temperatures rise, eggplant season is heating up in California’s Central Valley. We love eggplant because it’s versatile, hearty, and savory, and also one of the first truly wacky vegetables we ever delivered to our customers. We’re excited to welcome back eggplants with noses, arms, and muppet-like appearances into our summer boxes and can’t wait to see what you cook with them.

Corn conquers the barbecue

That’s right, everyone’s favorite grillable veggie is making its triumphant summer debut! We’ve started sourcing surplus corn from the fertile hills of Coalinga, California, and expect to have it in boxes throughout the summer. Be sure to grab some for your 4th of July bash!

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