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5 Ways to Make Weekday Lunches Easier and Healthier!

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Whether you’re looking to eat better, help your family head back to school, or just bring some happiness and health into the middle of the workday, a good, healthy lunch is essential. We asked the Imperfect community on Facebook and our employees to share their top tips for better weekday lunches and learned a ton. Here are 5 of our favorite tips for you to try this week:

Debra: For healthy lunches, I’m a big fan of pre-prepped mix and match ingredients. My favorite lately has been the Imperfect brown rice and yellow beans. Cook them ahead of time and you can add veggies and/or a protein later. It’s a perfectly Imperfect veggie bowl on the fly!

Trisha: Chop a bunch of veggies in advance, like Sunday night. It’s so much easier to pull a couple of chunks of celery or carrot out of a tub than to worry about chopping it in the morning.

Ashleen: When I make spaghetti sauce for dinner, I’ll make a double batch and shred carrots and/or zucchini into it for extra nutrition! It’s easy to heat up and pour over pasta, baked potatoes, or roasted root veggies for lunch!

Nicole: I love getting any kind of lettuce in my Imperfect box because it not only makes for a great salad, but I love using the lettuce to make tacos or lettuce wraps!

Team Imperfect: Cut carrot sticks are a great snack. Keep them fresh longer by storing them in water in a small jar or container.

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  • Jenai Rothnie
    August 19, 2018 at 11:12 pm

    My two year old loves it when we get the Imperfect boxes since she knows I almost always get carrots and several types of fruit. She’ll go to the fridge or fruit bowl to grab a snack when she wants, and just happily march around the house eating a whole carrot or apple!

    I haven’t done this in a while, but a great way to make carrot and red pepper snacks is to use cut them up and put them in a jar of pickle or pepperoncini juice once all the pickles/peppers have been eaten. Over time they soak up the zap.


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