How To Turn Your Corn Cobs Into Corn Stock!

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It’s peak corn season and we’re all about getting the most of every golden ear in the kitchen. While corn on the cob is a classic, and corn off the cob makes for a great salad or soup ingredient, what are you doing with the cobs? If your answer is composting them or throwing them out, that’s totally okay, but we’re excited to share a fun and easy way to turn corn cobs into a flavorful ingredient of its own: corn stock!

  • What is corn stock?

Corn stock is simply a flavorful cooking liquid made by simmering corn cobs in water. Like a perfectly timed dad joke, it’s extremely corny in the most generous & best way possible.

  • Why should I make corn stock?

Like cooking root to leaf or turning your citrus peels into a versatile kitchen cleaner, making corn stock is an ideal way to turn something that would be waste into a delicious part of your kitchen routine. The end result is a true secret weapon ingredient that is the ideal base for a corn soup or chowder! You can easily make it with the cobs left over from a big barbecue, or just by saving your corn cobs and freezing them until you have enough for a batch.

  • How do I make corn stock?

There are lots of ways to do it but the basic process is to simmer your corn cobs in water for an hour or so until they’ve given all their sweet essence to the liquid. It’s a good idea to throw in some aromatic vegetables like an onion, some garlic cloves, carrots or celery. You can also add your favorite spices like black pepper, cumin seed, or coriander seeds! Herbs like thyme, oregano, or bay leaves are great too, just don’t add too much so the corn flavor really shines. Our favorite recipe is from Tasting Table. Check it out!

  • What do I do with corn stock?

Use it instead of water in your next batch of corn soup or corn chowder. If you’re not going to use it right away, you can refrigerate it for a week or so or freeze it and save it for a rainy day. We recommend keeping a reusable container in your freezer during corn season and chucking your cobs in there. Then when you want to make stock you’ll have the reserve that you need. Happy cooking!


  • Julia Goldstein
    August 28, 2018 at 4:57 pm

    Cool suggestion! I store leftover ends of onions, carrots, etc. in a container in the freezer for vegetable or chicken stock but hadn’t thought of doing the same with corn cobs.

    • Reilly Brock
      August 28, 2018 at 6:15 pm

      We’re happy to hear you’re on the vegetable stock train. It’s a really great way to save money and make extra delicious dishes. Try a batch of corn stock and let us know what you think!

  • Marie DeL
    September 1, 2018 at 3:04 pm

    Hi, can this corn stock be used as a sort of broth in other soups? What is the flavor like is sweet, savory?

    • Reilly Brock
      September 4, 2018 at 7:08 pm

      Hey! We like it best in corn-centric soups/stews/chowders for obvious reasons (really concentrates the flavor), but you can use it in any type of mild veggie soup. The flavor is sweet and vegetal, and slightly smoky if you roast the corn or char the onion first. If you’re going to use corn stock in a standard veggie soup, try adding a few other veggies to the broth like celery, onion, leek, fennel, or a handful of mushrooms to help round out the flavor. Hope this helps! Have fun cooking!


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