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Feeding Change: Seed to Sky with LA Kitchen

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Imperfect is honored to work with LA Kitchen, an organization committed to empowering, nourishing, and engaging the Los Angeles community. Imperfect regularly donates produce to support a number of their fantastic programs.

Do you want to support local gardens and the LA community while you’re waiting at your gate? Flying through the air? Hangry when your flight’s been delayed 4 hours? Look no further! We can’t wait to tell you about Seed to Sky, which supports local gardens and future generations by bringing local produce to a global stage at LAX!

Seed to Sky connects community gardens across Los Angeles to LAX. LA Kitchen sources produce from local community-led gardens for its healthy grab-and-go options at LAX airport. The LAX grab-and-go contract propels LA Kitchen towards relying on earned income rather than the fluctuations of philanthropy. It also creates job opportunities for empowering graduates as well as expands L.A. Kitchen’s meal distribution services.

The funds are reinvested to transform underutilized community gardens into thriving farms, to empower South LA’s youth to run food businesses, and to create job opportunities for the formerly incarcerated, homeless, or ex-foster youth.

Where does Imperfect come in? Great question! With our regular donations to LA Kitchen, whatever is not distributed to the community right away or is past its prime gets composted at the local gardens that supply produce for the grab-and-go meals. This is an investment in the future of the LA to increase job opportunities, access to healthy food, education, and economic empowerment. At every touchpoint across this economic bridge, from planting seeds to distributing salads, every dollar made is reinvested back into the community. It’s a beautiful, holistic, closed-loop approach to nourishing the LA community that we’re proud to be a part of.

So grab a salad next time you’re at LAX and let’s raise a fork for delicious produce and community impact!

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