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Reflecting on #giveimperfect

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The Imperfect team gave out 2 tons of produce for free to our friends and neighbors in San Francisco as part of our #giveimperfect program!

To celebrate Imperfect’s 3rd birthday, we decided to flip the switch and focus on the giving rather than the getting associated with birthdays. We encouraged our community to #giveimperfect by gifting a piece of produce from their box to a friend, family member, neighbor, coworker, or even a stranger. For every hashtag, we promised to donate one meal to a food bank and invited one lucky participant got to choose the food bank (keep reading for the big reveal)!

To bring #giveimperfect to life, the Imperfect team decided to organize a massive produce mob. We gathered the Imperfect community by Dolores Park in San Francisco to give away over one ton of produce away for free to our friends and neighbors (that’s an elephant’s weight in produce)! The Portland team organized their own produce mob at the downtown waterfront.

Thanks to all of your incredible and heart-warming #giveimperfect participation, the Imperfect community raised 600 meals to donate! Our lucky winner, Lindsay Brown from Chicago, generously decided to split the 600 meals up between 4 Chicago food banks: Chicago Food Depository, The Pilson Food Pantry, Fight2Feed, and Westchester Food Pantry. Thank you, Lindsay, and thank you to everyone who made this possible!

We hope this was as rewarding for you as it was for us and here’s to many more years together!

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