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Fall Produce Preview!

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Like you, we get sad when the days get shorter and our to-do lists get longer. We’re here to help you focus on the positives and savor the feel-good foods and produce of fall. Here’s what the season has got in store for you:


The lattes are already here and we’re excited to share that the gourdgeous veggies of fall are also on their way. Keep an eye out for all of your favorite squashes the next time you customize your boxes, like sugar pie, delicata, and acorn squashes. Our Midwestern customers will have a front-row seat to a few specialty squashes that we love like white acorns and tiger stripe squashes.  Get smart on squashes in the kitchen and fall quickly becomes delicious.

Fall fruits abound

Summer berries get all the hype, but fall is a great time for fruits like apples, pears, and Asian pears. Our Pacific Northwest and Midwest customers will be at the epicenter of this delicious bounty. Fall also marks the return of pomegranate season, so mark your salad and dessert calendars, and don’t worry if you don’t know how to open one yet. We’ve got some tips! In a few weeks, we’ll also see the return of our favorite underdog fruit: persimmons. Expect juicy Hachiyas for baking and crips Fuyus for salads in early October. Once the orchards have cooled off, it’s the citrus groves’ turn. You can expect the return of juicy California citruses like lemons and oranges in late October and November.

Healthy greens

While fall can get a bad reputation for sweet and carby indulgences, it’s actually a really good season for healthy produce. Why? The cabbage family and their arsenal of antioxidants come into full force in the fall, bringing kale for salads, Brussels sprouts for roasting, and cauliflower for pizzas, rice bowls, and whatever else you can think of. Keep an eye out for specialty greens like endive and radicchio too, which are packed with nutrients, and a perfect accent to rich holiday fare.

Holiday herbs

Just in thyme for all of your holiday cooking, we’ll be getting lots of delicious herbs like parsley, rosemary, and mint. Experimenting with fresh herbs is a great way to become a better cook and impress your friends and in-laws, so be sure to read up and practice before the prime time of November. Nothing adds depth and contrast to vegetables quite like fresh herbs!


  • Anna Cruz
    September 24, 2018 at 5:39 am

    Was just wondering if you’d have persimmons and I’m thrilled that we’ll have both hachiyas and fuyus available to us!

    • Reilly Brock
      September 24, 2018 at 5:24 pm

      We’re so happy that you’re as excited about persimmon season as we are. It’s going to be a lot of fun!


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