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What November Has In Store For Your Imperfect Box

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Brace for Citrus

It’s hard to be sour about the weather when you know that so much sweet November produce like citrus is on the way! As you read these words, our supply team is hard at work sourcing snackable Satsuma Mandarins for your next box. We’ll also have versatile navel oranges, grapefruits, and specialty citrus like tangelos and Cara Caras as they’re available. Whether you’re into salads, healthy snacks, cocktails, or all three, citrus season has something exciting for you.

Proud of Pumpkins

Pie fans, start preheating your ovens! We’ve got delicious sugar pie pumpkins on the way. It’s a win for dinner and dessert since they’re just as good in sweets as they are roasted or added to curries. You can also expect even more of your favorite squashes like sweet acorns, rich butternuts, elegant delicatas, and versatile spaghettis.

(Im)perfect Pears

Keep a sharp eye out for pears the next time you customize your box since we’re starting to get some particularly fun varieties available to our community. San Francisco customers can look forward to Abate Fetel pears, bred by monks in the 15th century to be perfect for baking. Los Angeles customers can look forward to Red Bartletts, our favorite salad pear. Portland customers can expect Starkrimson pears, beautiful in granola or on a cheese plate, and San Antonio will get to sample the unique Comice pear, one of the sweetest ones around. No matter where you live, don’t miss out on the wondrous variety of pear season!

Apples to Apples

The November chill has a silver lining: even more of fall’s favorite produce (sorry pomegranates). We’re already starting to receive McIntosh, the perfect apple for applesauce or muffins and we can expect to see even more going forward. We’re particularly excited to start bringing in Pippin apples, an artisanal variety from the 17th century that’s particularly good in juice or cider as well as for making apple butter. Staple apples like devourable Fujis and Galas will be plentiful too so you can snack happily all month long.

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