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Feeding Change: Chicago Refugee Coalition

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Photo by Mark Eqbal

In every city that we deliver in, we partner with local nonprofits to help turn our produce into positive social change. We love taking the time to highlight the amazing nonprofits that we work with so you can show them some love and get involved too.

In Chicago, we’re are proud to support the work of the Chicago Refugee Coalition. The Chicago Refugee Coalition (CRC) works closely with the community to provide extensive resettlement services to individuals that are in need. We took some time to chat with Connor Mautner, CRC’s founder and international services director, to learn a little more about their work in the community and how you can support it.

Imperfect Produce: What is CRC’s mission?

 Connor Mautner: There are currently over 70 million forcefully displaced people worldwide – mothers, fathers, and children who have lost everything and are trying to secure a better life away from the instability in their former homes. For context, there are more displaced people worldwide than the whole population of France! The Chicago Refugee Coalition’s mission is to provide a bridge to that better life for refugee communities through creative collaboration with community partners and working to tackle the issues of programming gaps, poverty, and social inequality.

IP: How many people does CRC serve?

CM: The Chicago Refugee Coalition currently serves 140 people every week through our programming, and we are continuously seeking out those in need of our services.

IP: How has Imperfect impacted your reach?

CM: Imperfect Produce has truly taken our ability to reach the refugee community to the next level. Since August 2018, because of our partnership, we have been able to provide over 18,000 meals to the refugee community in Chicagoland. Food insecurity is a constant in the lives of so many students that we work with at Sullivan High School. For context, the average household income of the people whom we serve is under $12,000 per year and being able to provide these meals has really made a difference. I would encourage you to check out our testimonial video to hear about our joint impact first hand by the kids who we’re supporting!

IP: How can others get involved?

CM: One of the core tenets of our work is relatively simple: none of this work can be done alone. That is the reason for our coalition approach, and that is the reason that we are constantly seeking out new partners and volunteers to aid the refugee community by helping with our food delivery program, teaching financial literacy, hosting community coffees, or working as a mentor. As we grow our programming to serve more people, we invite everyone to join our organization as a sponsor or donor — through your support, we can continue our work and make an even bigger difference! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Connor M. Mautner, Founder & Services Director, at

Thank you for reading and for your boundless support!

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