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Our Top Waste-Free Cookbook Recommendations for the Holidays!

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There’s always room to learn in the kitchen, whether you’ve been cooking for years or just getting started. A good cookbook can be the difference between feeling stuck in a flavor rut and feeling inspired to make the most of each season. These awesome books are full of fresh inspiration on how to cook amazing food with less waste. They would make great gifts for friends and family who share your passion for food and sustainability or who just want to gain confidence in the kitchen and save some money on groceries along the way.

For the Aspiring Chef: Waste Not

Curated by the James Beard Foundation, Waste Not features 100 recipes from chefs around the country that feature parts of our food that often get tossed in the trash. Packed full of kitchen-tested wisdom, this book will help anyone become a better cook.

For the Quirky Food Nerd: Cooking Scrappy

Joel Gamoran, star of the A&E series Scraps and the National Chef of Sur La Table, combines recipes with resourceful tips on how to maximize the potential of overlooked ingredients in your kitchen like herb stems, cheese rinds, and even spent coffee grounds! We love how each recipe in this waste-free cookbook comes with helpful suggestions for what to do with the scraps leftover from making it.

For Someone Who is Running out of Tupperware: Now & Again

The woman that Epicurious named one of the best home cooks of all time, Julia Turshen, is back with her best book yet, packed with wonderfully inspiring recipes that will help you save money, throw better dinner parties, and learn new delicious uses for leftovers. For those who cook a lot and are looking to turn your leftovers into the bestovers, this is the book to help you do it.

For the Urban Homesteader: Scraps Peels and Stems

Food journalist Jill Lightner gives combines recipes with practical advice on how to organize your kitchen to minimize waste through everything from shopping smarter, food storage, and even composting and replanting scraps in the garden.

For the Eco-Warrior: Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook

Written by trail-blazing food waste researcher Dana Gunders, this waste-free cookbook is packed to the brim with practical tips you’ll want to try for yourself. It’s an amazing resource for any cook looking to waste less at home, and those that just want to live a more sustainable or frugal lifestyle.


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