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What December Has In Store For Your Imperfect Box

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As winter rolls in, the temptation to turn up the thermostat and the stereo and stay bundled up inside until your Imperfect box arrives becomes simply irresistible. To help you get ready for all of the cozy cooking you’ll be doing in the weeks ahead, get a glimpse at what December produce is on it’s way to your Imperfect box!

Sayonara Squashes

Hard squash season is winding down in much of the country, so we invite you to savor all of your favorites like delicata, kabocha, and butternut while they’re still in their delicious eating prime. Squashes make great additions to a winter stew, so now is the time to stock up and get cooking while they’re still plentiful!

Rooting for the Underground

Cold weather means that our product sourcing is about to get more underground than a college radio station. We’ll have tons of cold-weather root staples like potatoes, beets, and carrots, plus more niche varieties like daikon, rutabaga, and celery root (the frog prince of vegetables) if you’re looking to fall in love with a new favorite. Just remember, when in doubt, peel, cube, oil, and roast any root vegetable in the oven until tender and you’re in for a good time.

Citrus Celebration

Winter is when the citrus season really heats up in California. We’ll have lots of ruby grapefruit for your morning juice, jaw-dropping blood oranges to liven up your salads, and Mandarin oranges for snacking. Just be sure to save those Mandarin peels and turn them into an aromatic cleaning solution for your kitchen!

More Mushrooms!

Do mushrooms come to mind when you’re thinking about December produce? We work with some exceptional mushroom growers in the Pacific Northwest and Midwest who provide us with their surplus mushrooms. Keep an eye out for savory shiitakes, terrific trumpets, and stir-fry-worthy shimejis when you customize your box!

Herbs are a Big Dill

We know that holiday cooking is a lot easier when you’ve got fresh herbs around, which is why we’re doubling down on our commitment to source herbs this December. You can expect garnish staples like parsley and cilantro, plus lots of thyme and rosemary from our friends at Jacobs Del Cabo to help take your roasted veggies to delicious new heights. We’ll also have dill for seasoning that batch of holiday pickles or sprinkling on roasted fish or potatoes. If you learn to love one new herb this holiday season, we hope it’s dill!


  • Eva Gonzales
    December 3, 2018 at 5:17 pm

    Great read. Props to the team/person who created it.

    • Imperfect
      December 3, 2018 at 6:20 pm

      Hey Eva!
      Thanks for the feedback. We’re so glad that you enjoyed this article and getting a peek at our December produce. We appreciate your support!


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