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What Good Jobs Mean at Imperfect

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At Imperfect, we know we’re mostly known as a produce or food waste company, but we’re also on a mission to be known as a Good Jobs Company. What does that mean?

Vegetable puns aside, we wouldn’t be able to change the food system without the wonderful people who work hard every day to get your box to your door. At Imperfect, our customers aren’t just supporting a less wasteful world, they’re supporting good jobs in every city we deliver in. So when you get your weekly box, you’re not just helping us build a better food system, you’re helping us provide a better life for each of our employees.

It seems crazy every time we say it, but our team has grown to a few hundred people across the country. We are deeply committed to providing each and every one of these folks with a meaningful job that pays a living wage with great benefits both in and out of work. To us, being a Good Jobs Company means that:

  • All of our hourly jobs, including warehouse, customer care, and delivery drivers, pay at the 75th percentile and above, which is about 20-30% more than the average starting warehouse job.

  • From entry-level warehouse associate to senior executives, every full-time employee is offered the same awesome benefits, including medical, dental and vision insurance, paid time off and maternity or paternity leave.

  • All full-time hourly employees are eligible for bonuses, annual raises, and an ownership stake in our company so that everyone gets to share in the success they help build.

  • Everyone also gets a free box of produce each week so they can enjoy the fruits of their labor, literally.

But creating meaningful jobs goes beyond compensation. Since Imperfect is powered by the folks working in our warehouses around the country, we also wanted to share the cultural aspects that make Imperfect a great place to work. We know that warehouse jobs don’t always have the best reputation for treating their employees with dignity, which is why we’re proud to be actively redefining what a good warehouse job looks like in the 21st century. We are driven by empathy and respect for our people.

  • We respect work-life balance, which is why our warehouse employees have people-centered managers and enjoy regular, predictable shift schedules.

  • Everyone has a seat at the table. We value and listen to our employees’ feedback, and encourage everyone to share ideas on how we can do and be better. Some of the biggest improvements to our produce quality and order accuracy have come from the people who pack your box each week.

  • Our warehouse associates have regular one-on-one meetings with their managers so they can continue to grow and work towards promotions.

Every day at Imperfect, we strive to provide everyone with a safe, collaborative environment where they can express their authentic, imperfect selves. We hope that by sharing more stories about the people behind your box, you can help us continue being a Good Jobs Company and redefine what a good job in the food industry looks like.

So the next time you see your delivery driver, be sure to say thanks and give them an extra high five for us!

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