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Maker Spotlight: Sunwink Herbal Tonics

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Today we’re sitting down with Eliza Timpson, the Founder, and CEO of Sunwink Herbal Tonics! We are so excited to be working with Sunwink to bring these healing, women-powered tonics to our Pacific Northwest and Bay Area communities!

Eliza was inspired to start Sunwink when she noticed work taking a significant toll on her health. She had spent five years working 60 to 80 hour weeks, and she struggled to make time for a daily wellness routine. She was finishing her MBA and was supposed to start working for a big food company.

Meanwhile, Eliza’s little sister was studying herbalism. She gave Eliza some elderberry syrup for a cold and Eliza was amazed at how good she felt. She started talking to her friends about the herbal remedies that they used growing up. Friends from around the world all shared their herbal remedies, however many of these remedies involved brewing herbs on the stove for 30+ minutes. She wondered if she could create drinks inspired by her friends’ herbal recipes and Sunwïnk was born. We hope you enjoy our conversation!

Imperfect Produce: Tell us about Sunwink!

Eliza Timpson: Sunwink’s herbal tonics taste like a sparkling juice but all of the flavor and benefits come from herbs. In fact, there is at least 1,000mg of herbal extracts in every Sunwink! We care about clean, simple ingredients. Each herbal tonic has less than 50 calories and 4 to 9 grams of sugar (from maple syrup). We never use natural flavors, and we use lemon juice instead of citric acid. All of our ingredients are paleo and vegan-friendly.

IP: What is an herbal tonic and why should we be drinking them?

ET: An herbal tonic is a blend of herbs used to support a specific body system. Each Sunwink has at least 1,000mg of herbs in every drink (at least four times the amount found in a teabag). Herbs are one of the oldest forms of self-care. At Sunwink, we believe that herbs are one of the best ways to support our bodies and minds.

IP: What is your mission and vision?

ET: Our mission is for every person to care for themselves with herbs, every single day.

IP: We know that each recipe is inspired by a real woman and the herbs she used growing up. Tell us more about that and about these women!

ET: Each Sunwink is inspired by a real woman and the herbal remedies she used growing up. We give 1% of sales to organizations that these women choose.

All of the women that inspired a Sunwink are actually friends of mine. When I started exploring herbal health, friends began telling me about the herbs they used growing up. It was such an amazing ecosystem of storytelling. The stories were often about remedies and recipes passed down from mothers and grandmothers. Sometimes they were funny stories like “You won’t believe what my mom used to make me drink!”

Each Sunwink is an herbal blend featuring herbs from the women’s remedies and herbs that may help enhance flavor or balance the formula. Our hope is that Sunwink helps people feel the benefits of using herbs every day as well as enjoy what they’re drinking!

IP: Besides tonics, how else do you like to use herbs?

ET: Cooking…and cocktails! 😉

IP: How do you fight food waste in your kitchen?

ET: It’s only my fiancé and me at home, and we really try to buy only what we need. I find it helps to make a list before purchasing produce, etc., so I can think through what I’m actually going to cook that week.

IP: What’s your favorite piece of produce?

ET: Avocados, no question.

We learned a lot from Eliza and hope you’re as inspired as we are to incorporate more herbs into your life! Keep an eye on your customization page for Sunwink and follow along with their journey on Instagram at @drinksunwink.

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