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What May Has In Store For Your Imperfect Box

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We know what’s on your mind. Besides wanting to know how “Game of Thrones” is going to end and if “Avengers Endgame” is really the end or not, we’re all dying to know what spring delicacies May has in store for your Imperfect box. Get ready for avocado season and a peachy peek at what’s in store. Here’s the delicious trailer you’ve been searching for.

Berry Bonanza

Just in time for Mother’s Day, we’re going to have lots of delicious berries for baking, snacking, and decadent desserts. Strawberry season is off to a glorious start in the berry hubs of Watsonville, Salinas, and Santa Maria and we’re excited to begin offering these ruby gems in our boxes shortly. Blueberry season is also underway in Georgia, and our East Coast and Midwestern customers can expect to see those soon. Blackberry fans will need to be patient, as the season won’t kick off until the end of May.

Peach Patience Pays Off

After months of citrus being the only fruit in town, we’re delighted to share that peach season will begin in earnest on both coasts by mid-May. This means that California white peaches and Georgia yellow peaches will be available to Imperfect customers for all of your pie baking and snacking needs.

Avocado Season Heats Up (Literally)

As the Mexican avocado season continues to go strong, the US season is finally in full swing, which means more avocados for Cinco de Mayo or any other day in May that warrants guacamole. Fans of Californian avocados should know that the avocado harvest will be a little smaller than previous ones due to the intense heat last year in the avocado orchards of Ventura and Oxnard. The season is also likely to end sooner than normal for this reason, so savor the California avocados while they are around!

California Goes Green

After a very wet winter that caused delays in planting all across the West Coast, the growing season for greens is finally heating up in California’s Salinas Valley. We’re excited to offer staple greens like romaine and spinach for all of your spring salads. The brassica season is also well underway and we will have lots of broccoli for your roasting and grilling needs this May. Cauliflower season is going to start later than normal due to a very wet winter, but it’s coming!

Hello Hydroponics

Something we’re particularly excited about is the network of hydroponic lettuce growers that we’ve started buying from in Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Supporting these cutting-edge farms means that customers in Texas, the Midwest, and the East Coast can enjoy lettuce that’s grown near them, and enjoy it for more of the year since indoor hydroponic farms have a longer growing season. It’s a win for reducing food miles, eating local, and eating more greens.

We hope this whets your appetite for spring produce. Stay tuned for our next edition, when we’ll give the latest news about late spring and summer delicacies like melons, tomatoes, and cherries!


  • Wendy Wagner
    April 29, 2019 at 12:41 am

    Do we ever see grapes?? And when??
    Thanx, Wendy

    • Imperfect
      April 29, 2019 at 4:25 pm

      Hey Wendy! Thanks for reading our produce preview. We do occasionally have grapes, especially over the summer. Keep an eye out for them then!

  • pranav .
    April 30, 2019 at 1:49 am

    Love this! Will we be seeing any celery? And will it be organic?


    • Imperfect
      April 30, 2019 at 4:45 pm

      We’re so happy to hear it, Pranav! Celery has been extremely expensive and hard to get this year due to very wet weather in the celery hubs along the West Coast, but we’re hopeful that this will improve during the summer. Stay tuned the next time you customize your box.

      • Imperfect
        April 30, 2019 at 4:45 pm

        We do offer organic celery, to answer your second question!


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