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4 Ways to Customize Your Box When You’re Going Out of Town

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We’re coming up on a big time of year for travel, and we want your box to fit seamlessly into your life. So whether you’re headed out of town for a long weekend or taking a few weeks off for vacation, here’s how to customize your Imperfect box to fit into our plans without disrupting your routine.

1. Order some travel snacks

Headed to the airport or hitting the highway for a road trip? Avoid breaking the bank with airport food or ruining your excellent eating habits at the gas station. We’re happy to help you stay fueled with some healthy bites on the go. Before your next trip, try loading up on snackable produce like carrots, apples, or celery, or some of our packaged goodies like chips, nuts, or kombucha!

2. Get a week of pantry staples instead of produce

Another good option if you’re getting ready to go out of town is to switch things up and customize your Imperfect box to be entirely of shelf-stable pantry goods. By stocking up on staples like coffee, olive oil, and rice, you can make coming home from your trip even easier, since you won’t have to run to the store when you’re tired and would rather unpack and unwind.

3. Stock up on hearty produce

If you’re just going out of town for a long weekend, you can also use your last box before your trip to go heavy on hearty storage vegetables like onions, potatoes, and carrots. That way you’ll still have things to cook in the house when you get home without having to worry about your precious kale or cilantro wilting in despair while you’re gone.

4. Share your box with a friend or neighbor

If you’re feeling generous, try having a friend or neighbor pick up your Imperfect box while you’re gone. That way you can share some of the awesome produce you’ve been getting and let them experience the magic of that company that you’ve been raving about lately. Plus, it just feels good to do nice things for people you care about.

We hope this gives you some ideas for how to make your Imperfect box fit seamlessly into your summer travel plans. Remember that if you absolutely can’t use another box of produce, you can always easily arrange to skip a box in the “delivery schedule” section of your account page.


  • Mama
    June 21, 2019 at 5:30 pm

    Another name for these boxes: "Single Mom, HEALTHY BABY Box" 🙂

    • Imperfect
      June 21, 2019 at 5:48 pm

      This is wonderful to hear. We’re all about helping nourish happy and healthy families like yours! Have a great day!


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