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It’s no secret that summer is one of the best times of the year to snack on and cook with fresh fruits and vegetables. To help your seasonal gratitude and friendly feasting climb to delicious new heights, we want to share some of the summer produce we’re most excited to eat this season.

3 Cheers for Cherries and Berries

Cherry season has officially kicked off in the Pacific Northwest and we should have cherries available for all of our customers by the 4th of July. While blueberry season in California has ended, it’s about to start up in Oregon, and we’re delighted to share that we’ll have more of our small blueberries from our friends at Homegrown Organic Farms by mid-July as well.

Heirloom Tomatoes Triumph

Tomatoes have had a rocky spring and early summer due to the trade disputes at the border that raised prices and dropped availability for many folks, including us. Thankfully, we’re excited to share that we’ve got some truly beautiful heirloom tomatoes coming out of California that are getting packed just for us. These tomatoes have some scarring along their tops—essentially stretch marks from an unexpected growth spurt—that makes them unmarketable to stores. We’re happy to report that our community has rallied behind these unique tomatoes and is loving the way they taste and look!

Midwest, Meet Michigan! 

Our Midwestern customers, especially our newest ones in Detroit, will be happy to hear that the Michigan growing season is at its peak right now with a bounty of zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, and sweet corn incoming any week now. The Michigan season got a late start this year due to wet weather, so this one is looking to be glorious but a bit shorter than normal. Unlike growers in California, who can easily send their surplus and ugly summer produce to other regions, growers in Michigan normally have few options to sell their unmarketable produce. This means that your support and appetite for their harvest this summer will have an especially big impact on them!

Quirky and Delicious Finds for Texas 

Did you know that when it comes to broccoli, we literally only eat the tip of the iceberg? A fully grown broccoli plant is over a foot across and several feet high, and normally farmers only harvest the crown to sell in stores. The rest of the plant, including its delicious and nutritious leaves, normally gets left in the field. Now, our Texas customers can look forward to broccoli leaves from our friends at Lakeside Organic Gardens. These amazing leaves store well, cook quickly, and taste like a nutty and sweet hybrid of kale and collard greens, so don’t miss out! Rambutan, our favorite easy-to-eat, hard-to-pronounce fruit is officially headed to Texas as well! These quirky beauties are grown in Southeastern Mexico and have a darker color than stores want to buy due to some weather exposure.

We hope you have fun cooking this summer! We’d love to see what you end up making. If you post it on social media, be sure to tag us so we can properly appreciate your culinary accomplishments!


  • Dee Dee Tinkham
    June 30, 2019 at 8:48 pm

    I love choosing and getting my imperfect produce. Its PERFECT for us.
    I do wonder why blackberries aren’t part of imperfect produce? It grows wild here in the Great Pacific Northwest. Most think of it as a wee and a nuisance. Not my family!! We see wonderfully sweet blackberries.
    I can’t wait for Monday and my next box of perfect imperfect produce. Thank you.

    • Imperfect
      July 2, 2019 at 6:05 pm

      Hey Dee Dee! Thanks for reading our blog. We’ve had blackberries in the past and will keep an eye out for chances to feature them again in the future. We agree that they’re a real treat. We hope you enjoy picking some wild berries this summer!


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