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Chef Allen Campbell

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I think if we scaled back on our intake of animal protein, we would be saving our topsoil, and the ocean, and our health.

allen campbell

It’s not easy admitting that a lifelong passion isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. That’s exactly what happened to Chef Allen Campbell — who years ago, discovered that playing the role of chef came at a cost to his physical and mental health. 

The result? Campbell switched gears, becoming a consultant and, recently, the personal wellness chef for New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bündchen. 

He coauthored his first book with Brady, The TB12 Nutrition Manual, and recently wrote The Game of Eating Smart, a collaboration with MLB and 21 top MLB players.

Campbell joined us from his home in Boston to talk about sleeping in sun porches, the dangers of sugar, and the role chefs play in helping all of us eat healthier and more sustainable.

Can’t miss moments from the show

  1. Following a 3-day cleanse Allen Campbell became keenly aware of the food he was putting into his body — and there was no turning back. 
  2. Allen lived on a friend’s sun porch for 9 months as he transitioned from line cook to personal chef. 
  3. Allen breaks down how he develops personalized menus for his clients. 
  4. Find out the nutrient-dense foods he reaches for when making healthy meals.
  5. Someone who wants to go fully vegan should definitely have ____ In their diet (Campbell lets us know).
  6. He shares his tips on how to get your kids to eat their veggies. Hint: “You can’t just steam broccoli and put it on a plate.”
  7. What’s harder to cook well? Meat or veggies? Reilly and Chef Allen offer their take. 
  8. Chef Allen — who isn’t shy about his opinions on sugar — shares what he thinks can be done to reduce our addiction to refined sugar. Hint: “You have to look at it like smoking.”
  9. Do chefs have a role to play in helping all of us eat healthier and more sustainably? Chef Allen thinks so — and he explains why. 

Links to things we talked about

  1. Allen Campbell’s website 
  2. Allen Campbell on IG 
  3. The Game of Eating Smart
  4. The Camu Camu fruit 
  5. 10 health benefits to blue-green algae 

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